Australian Election 2022: Zeitgeist around Albo is positively Obamaesque

Australian Election 2022: Zeitgeist around Albo is positively Obamaesque. By The Mocker.

Like all decent and right-thinking people, I felt immense relief on Saturday evening when it became clear Labor would win government. The nightmare that began nine years ago is finally over. Democracy has returned.

The adults are in charge once more. This new government, unlike the one it replaced, is one based on kindness and tolerance.

Let the word go out that Australia is ready to resume its place in the world community. No longer are we a pariah nation.

Witness the many Australians declaring on social media “I am proud of my country once again”. It is gratifying to learn we are finally worthy of these moral luminaries, not that anyone asked them.

Let us join France’s outgoing foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, in celebrating the downfall of the Morrison government. “I can’t stop myself from saying that the defeat of Morrison suits me very well,” he smugly observed on the weekend. We can only sympathise and apologise for rebuffing your country, monsieur. If there is one people that have always come to the aid of Australians during a crisis, it’s the French.

The zeitgeist is positively Obamaesque, the moment when, to quote the former US president upon securing the Democratic nomination in 2008, “the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal”.

From Lismore to Mallacoota, the people celebrate. No more torrential floods, no more devastating bushfires. And when they do occur, what reasonable person would blame Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for an act of nature? …

Albanese’s first international conference as prime minister seems to have gone well. Amazingly, in his opening statement to Quad leaders he resisted the urge to tell them he is the son of a single mother and grew up in public housing in Camperdown. He has also established a rapport with US President Joe Biden, which could be explained by the many things they have in common, particularly their difficulty in getting across briefs and answering press questions.