Belgium First to Lock Down Over Monkeypox

Belgium First to Lock Down Over Monkeypox. By Kevin Downey.

Belgium is the first nation to force people into quarantine over monkeypox, conveniently just in time for the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting at which globalists intend to demand, and will possibly receive, the right to control every aspect of worldwide pandemic response, including censoring those who dare disagree with the unelected officials in charge. …

The virus originates in Africa, though it appears the current outbreak started at a gay fetish festival aptly named “Darklands,” which recently took place in …  Antwerp, Belgium. Monkeypox is hard to contract; it seems one can only get it from “close contact” with an infected person.

Where else have we seen a virus that originates in Africa and affects mostly gay men? The correct answer is AIDS.

Darklands is a gay men’s leather fetish, spank, and sex festival. One of the highlights of Darklands is called “Mr. Puppy,” where gay men in leather parade around with gay men dressed as dogs on a leash in a Westminster-ish competition. #GayPride!

If I had to guess, I’d suggest the monkeypox may have been spread at the “Horse Fair,” where “mares” wear only hoods and boots, and “stallions” … uh … ride them. Mares may not refuse sex from any stallion, but they can say no to kissing. Don’t blame me, I didn’t make the rules.

GRAPHIC WARNING: if you go to that last link, you may not like what you read.

According to Metro UK, the virus seems to mostly involve men who have sex with men, though bisexual men can just as easily transfer it to women. …

Monkeypox is rare. It is not easy to contract. If you refrain from sex with men who recently went to Belgium and dressed as a horse, you’re likely to be okay. Most people survive it … There is no vaccine for Monkeypox (not yet anyway, wink wink), but a smallpox shot will offer 85% protection.

“Everybody should be concerned about it,” Biden remarked in South Korea. “We’re working on it hard to figure out what we do.”

Just a hunch, but perhaps we can start by abstaining from group sex with gay men who recently romped around Antwerp dressed as dogs and horses.

Maybe WWIII started a couple of years ago, and the first rounds are biological?