Whitlam-style Labor agenda mixed with big-spending Green agenda will not end well

Whitlam-style Labor agenda mixed with big-spending Green agenda will not end well. By Terry McCrann.

Australia is now embarked on a classic big-spending Whitlam-style Labor agenda mixed up with a new-age big-spending Dark Green agenda. …

Both the formal Dark Greens and the ‘independent’ Teal-Greens demand the same thing: the destruction of our national electricity generation system that has given us plentiful, cheap and reliable power for the last 80 years — albeit, increasingly less so in recent years.

And the speedier the ‘better’, in a mad, bad and dangerous — and utterly pointless — race to 2030.

These assorted Greens also demand a ban on any new coal, gas and oil projects; and then, where it starts to get really ‘interesting’, the actual closures of our existing mines and oil and especially gas production.

That does suggest it will become an increasingly fractious marriage; as the crazy-Green agenda collides with the reality of government and trying to keep the economy this side of Venezuela, far less North Korea.

But at least initially it will be hugs all around as Labor, Dark-Green and Teal-Green rejoice in taking “real action on Climate Change”.

‘Action’ that will have zero effect on either the world’s or our local climate, thanks to China belching more and more CO2, and even ‘woke’ Europe deciding it actually wants to keep its lights on.

Pointless ‘action’, that will have massively destructive impacts on our industry and on household budgets.

Then add on the classic big-spending Labor agenda, which WILL produce bigger deficits and keep the national government debt heading from $1tr to $2tr.

Buckle up. With a full racing harness.

Wait a year for the Jacinta-like honeymoon with Albo to fade. By then the economy and electricity systems will be suffering.

I knew Albo somewhat at university. He was a committed activist pushing some nutty causes dear to his heart. He says he’s changed in this 50’s. Maybe.

Australia now has its own Biden administration, without the senility. Albo, like Biden, is not bright by the standards of the political class. This will become achingly obvious before long.

The Albanese government will be pretty radical before long, despite appearing moderate and slightly conservative to get elected. (I hope I’m wrong about this!)

hat-tip Stephen Neil