US Republicans flock to Budapest for Orban’s lessons on leadership

US Republicans flock to Budapest for Orban’s lessons on leadership. By Peter Conradi.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the scourge of Brussels and darling of American conservatives, has outlined to a gathering of US Republicans a 12-point plan he claims should enable fellow right-wingers across the world to gain and retain power.

Mr Orban, 58, re-elected last month, boasted of how he has transformed Hungary over the past decade into a “bastion of conservative and Christian values in Europe” in a speech opening a meeting in Budapest last week of the US Conservative Political Action Conference, chaired by lobbyist and Fox News contributor Matt Schlapp.

Quoting Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and even Sting, the Hungarian leader likened what he called “today’s wokeness” to the communist ideology he fought as a young activist in the late 1980s before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Mr Orban also claimed Hungarians and Americans alike were up against “the same people: faceless, ideologically trained bureaucrats sitting in Washington DC and Brussels”

“And as conservatives, our lot is to feel about our nations’ public life as Sting felt in New York: like a ‘legal alien’.” …

Conservatives should also establish their “own media” to counter the domination of outlets by those who had “progressive left-wing views”, Mr Orban said, as well as set up think tanks, institutes and youth organisations to propagate their ideas.

“Politicians come and go, but institutions stay with us for generations,” he added.

Hear hear.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Steve B.