The Secret Climate Election we didn’t know we had

The Secret Climate Election we didn’t know we had. By Joanne Nova.

The only way climate elections are won is by keeping it a secret or telling lies.

Today we wake up to find out it was a climate election. Who knew?

There was not one word, barely, about climate change in the public square in Australia the last six weeks, yet today suddenly it was “a Green-slide” and a climate election post hoc. But the whole reason the Greeny-Teals did well was because no one talked about climate change.

No one asked how expensive it might be to alter the planet’s weather a hundred years from now? Should we fund hospitals now, or slow cyclones in 2100?

Whenever it was a climate election in the last 12 years, the skeptical side won.

And the more skeptical they were, the bigger the win was.

  • Tony Abbott won a landslide 90 seats by crushing the Climate Gods. It was a Climate Election and the voters said “No”.
  • To win in 2010 Julia Gillard had to lie “there will be no Carbon Tax”, and do 17 days of wheeling and dealing to barely scrape through.
  • In 2016 Turnbull was barely a skeptic and barely won — losing 14 seats in the process.
  • In 2019 Morrison pulled off the Miracle Win by asking Bill Shorten hard questions about the costs of climate action, which Bill called dumb and a “charlatan’s argument”. That election was called a Climate Election they bragged, and believers were shocked to lose.

But this time, there was no policy debate. There was no “let them eat cake” moment. No out-of-touch Bob Brown tour of the coal zones of Queensland. The climate bomb ticked quietly and no one said “boo”. No one, at least that the media couldn’t ignore.

The politically-correct fiction about carbon dioxide — the “reason” for choosing to wreck our electricity system and all get poorer — is a major vote winner for the conservatives. Just as well for the left that this election they were able to trick the conservatives out of using it.