The rich vote Left

The rich vote Left. By James Allen.

The least conservative Liberal (and National) government in Australia’s history lost last weekend.

There was no enthusiastic move to Labor. In fact, both major parties scored woefully low first preference counts. …

Now, you will not see this on the ABC or hear it from any of the Liberal ‘moderates’, but it was a very good thing having all those Teals take out the inner core of the lefty-Lib gang — Zimmerman ‘I forgot about freedom once I was elected’ Wilson, Sharma, Falinski, and yes, even Josh Frydenberg (who I’m guessing was the driving force behind pushing Scott Morrison to sign up to Net Zero and to pay the ABC all that money just before the election).

These seats were always going to leave the column for any remotely conservative party. Many may not like that fact, but it’s already happened in Canada, Britain, and America. …

The truth is that the well-off rich (and I generalise of course) now vote solidly Left — maybe because they can afford to and like to virtue-signal? They vote more like Canberra public servants than anything else.

So in a losing election, it was good to lose these seats. Frankly, I don’t see them coming back for a long time.

Here’s an irony. If Morrison had refused to sign up to Net Zero and made rising energy prices and inflation an election issue, together with mining jobs, I think he would have won the election –- this being the formula of Liberal wins since Tony Abbott took over as Opposition Leader. Instead, the Liberal Prime Minister, who seemingly had no core convictions and no strong commitment to freedom or to the presumption of innocence, let himself be pushed by the party wets into reneging on a promise made to Coalition voters at the last election in 2019.

By signing up to Net Zero, Morrison was snookered.

Too bad the Liberals and the right don’t listen to climate skeptics who could counter climate alarmism with relevant facts. Too many Liberals believed the government climate scientists.