‘Greenslide’ in Oz Dumps Scott Morrison

‘Greenslide’ in Oz Dumps Scott Morrison. By Peter Smith.

I’m queuing to vote. A middle-aged chap in a Kylea Tink tee-shirt approaches me. Do you know anything about Kylea Tink, he asks? Yes, I do, I say, she has insane climate policies. He reminds me of recent floods and bushfires. You mean like the ones we had in the nineteen thirties; I respond. Resignedly, he beats a retreat and moves on to the young couple standing behind me. More receptive ears. I wonder. How does a man of his age become completely delusional? Young things, OK. They know no better, and have been brainwashed on social media.

On reflection, judging by the overall election result, the weight of the voting population across all age groups has become delusional. …

Ms Tink, who won the seat by the way, was one of thirteen so-called “Teal” independents, opposing “moderates” (more correctly, wets), among the governing Liberal (conservative) and National (rural centre-right) parties. All in blue-ribbon inner-city seats. Backed by the son of a billionaire with interests in renewable energy, these well-heeled women, in well-heeled electorates, are climate activists. …

Spot any gender discrimination?

Unfortunately, we now have a Labor government committed to a 43 percent reduction in emissions by 2030, with up to twelve Greens and green-minded independents in the parliament who think much more ambitiously. They variously want something between sixty and seventy-five percent.

Meanwhile the Liberals are tortured. Should they try to outbid the Teals next time to get those blue-ribbon seats back?

Hold on, there’s no outbidding the Teals. Should they then try for those working-class outer-suburban seats, which they’ve never won, by going back to traditional conservative values and common sense? A Trumpian strategy. Seems farfetched.

The teals had lots of enthusiastic volunteers, unlike the Liberal Party

Zigmaster, at Jo Nova’s

As a candidate in Goldstein for the liberal Democrats I was actually disappointed I missed the opportunity to debate energy policy. I missed the one forum that took place organised by the Bayside Climate crisis action group. Unfortunately cause I knew with a name like that it would be a Zoefest with an audience stacked with activists and alarmists I chose not to put my head into the Lions den. …

What I found interesting was that the Teal vote was not really united around climate change although their volunteers would pretend otherwise but a uniform dislike and even hatred of Scott Morrison.

So it was about class and money, and climate was just the causus belli.

I would estimate that perhaps 50-60 % of the electorate source their news from the ABC …

Talk about misinformation! Most people in Eastern Europe under Soviet rule had nothing but contempt for the apparatchiks who actually listened to the state propaganda services.

Zoe had a team of 1400 volunteers who swamped all the other candidates for door knocking , manning booths, putting signage on houses, etc with an average age of about 75 and mostly women. I call them Zoe’s Grannies. In the same way as the Vic government coerced children to be vaccinated to prevent them from killing Grandma, the Teals convinced bored seniors into believing that if they don’t do more on climate change they would kill their grandchildren. It’s not the impact on themselves that is powerful but on those that they love. The actual policy , the cost, the strategy the how emissions cuts would occur was rarely discussed if at all.