Australia set to sign Geneva’s Global Pandemic Treaty

Australia set to sign Geneva’s Global Pandemic Treaty. By Flat White.

The ‘New Normal’ of medical fascism is coming regardless of how Australians vote at the federal election.

Having acquired a taste for globalised control during the Covid pandemic, the World Health Organisation has teamed up with vaccine manufacturers, philanthropic billionaires, and power-crazed world leaders to create a ‘Global Pandemic Treaty’ in Geneva.

It is set to form part of the ‘one health’ approach proposed by the WHO and has been pitched by its creators as a way to overcome the inconvenient battle between — as they put it — globalism and statism. …



It amounts to extending similar emergency powers to the WHO that Daniel Andrews gifted himself in Victoria – except Australians can’t vote the WHO out of power. …

It is likely the treaty will make it possible for a foreign bureaucracy with unacceptably close ties to China to call the shots — literally — on global public health. Universal healthcare was meant to be a voluntary safety net — not a stepping stone to international socialism or the dissolution of body autonomy. …

Yes, the treaty requires the passing of legislation — but Labor, Liberals, and the Nationals have all voiced their approval. The only hope Australians have of stopping it would be a balance of power held by Freedom Friendly minor parties like One Nation — who has stepped out alone to vocally oppose it.

Among the horrors facing Australia if the treaty were to proceed are the advertised promises of global tracking (most likely through the World Economic Forum’s Digital Identity policy linked to health passes), mandatory vaccination of all citizens, and the ability for the WHO to declare and sustain a pandemic along with its emergency powers.

Lately, international treaties have been used to undemocratically circumnavigate the sovereign will of nations. A treaty is a powerful legal document that leaders use to defy public opinion.

The globalists tried this on in 2009 with climate change. The Presidents and Prime Ministers of almost the entire world went to Copenhagen, expecting to sign a treaty to set up an unelected body to limit carbon emissions — including powers of enforcement. World government, here we come. In the end, too many countries declined to sign.