Do the shareholders know? Twitter is a kindergarten for communists, not there to make profits

Do the shareholders know? Twitter is a kindergarten for communists, not there to make profits. By Joanne Nova.

Another Project Veritas operation exposes what’s going on behind the lines at Twitter and the most astonishing thing is not the political censorship but how Twitter is run like a Day Care centre for student activists.

It’s not a profit making business, so much as a university club with salaries for people who may only work 4 hours a week and brag about being “left left left” and as “commie as f**k”. If they need days off, they just don’t turn up to work. Sometimes they take months off. “Mental health is everything”.

No wonder Twitter employees hate Musk and are stress eating —  They have jobs where they get paid to take a month off, and no one cares how efficient they are, or what their sales figures or expenses were. Nice work if you can get it. …

Who is paying for all this?

If Twitter isn’t there to make money, who is pouring the dollars in, and is the political censorship the whole point? …

If Twitter really is a communist megaphone, not a business, Elon Musk is exposing it, even if he doesn’t buy it. He’s pulling the capitalist-legal strings and if it’s an investment facade, it will unravel.

Twitter Senior Engineer, Siru Murugesan, on Project Veritas:

“Everyone gets to do what they want, no one really cares about OPEX (operating expenses), like capitalists [do], …

“They care about our health, In Twitter, mental health is everything. … Like if you are not feeling it, you can take a few days off. People have taken months off” …

Twitter culture and inflated paychecks turn employees into communists:

“Like I started working for Twitter and became left. I think it’s just like the environment, like you, you’re there and you become like this commie — they call it Commiefornia for some reason”.

But Elon is already getting to Siru. Surprisingly, he even admits it:

“Elon makes some good points sometimes. I am slowly starting to buy his side a little bit. …”

Siru openly says that “Twitter does not believe in free speech”. But he thinks that free speech is just whether you want to “bully and harrass people”.

“For example, like if you bully a transgender, the right thinks it’s okay. The left does not.”

Essentially the right tolerate bullying, he says, but the left “need it to be censored” or they will leave the platform (making them sooky snowflakes in need of protection.) In snowflake world, it’s not that free speech is a quest for truth that may save lives and stop injustice, but that the worst thing in the world is to be bullied. All the gulags, slavery, death and disease are simply invisible.

Sounds like Musk could improve profitability just by sacking a few people. Perhaps start with $17m-per-year censorship czar Victoria Gadde: