Great Replacement Theory is fueled by woke progressives gloating about America becoming non-white

Great Replacement Theory is fueled by woke progressives gloating about America becoming non-white. By Liberty Unyielding.

The media claim that the Buffalo mass shooter was inspired partly by something called the “Great Replacement Theory.”

Great Replacement Theory is related to the idea that whites will lose power to non-whites in America, due to immigration of non-whites.

People are blaming Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for “Great Replacement Theory.” But the Buffalo mass shooter isn’t a fan of conservatives like Tucker Carlson. Indeed, he calls himself part of the “mild-moderate authoritarian left.” He was influenced by the New Zealand mass shooter, a white self-described “ecofascist” who admired communist China. The New Zealand mass shooter, according to USA Today, “explicitly rejects conservatism, capitalism, individualism and consumerism. …

The Great Replacement Theory comes from the left:

Echoing Great Replacement Theory, Beltway progressives gloat over what they see as old centrist and conservative whites dying off and being replaced by non-white progressives, due to what progressives call “explosive population growth of people of color.”

America’s progressive media — including liberal newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times — have celebrated this idea, claiming that America will cease to be mostly white by 2040 or 2050. Liberal journalists trumpet the idea that this will end what they see as “white privilege,” causing whites’ relative status to decline and progressive policies to be adopted. …

Above all, progressives are captivated by the idea that the Democratic Party is free to move leftward, and no longer needs to appeal to moderate or conservative voters to win elections, because a “demographic revolution” is creating a “new American majority” in favor of progressive policies, a majority consisting of ever-growing numbers of non-whites, and progressive young professionals.

The classic statement of this is the book Brown is the New White: How Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority.

It exults in the idea that old conservative and centrist white voters are dying off and being replaced by progressives, mostly by non-whites, due to “the explosive population growth of people of color.” The book was heralded by the Center for American Progress, a virtual extension of the Democratic Party described in Time Magazine as “Obama’s idea factory,” and headed by Biden’s senior advisor Neera Tanden. …

Ironically, the white replacement theory peddled by progressives was faulty, in that non-whites did not vote quite as heavily in support of Democrats as they predicted, so Democrats did not win the 2016 election, as Steve Phillips and progressives expected. Even non-white immigrants can find the Democratic Party’s increasing wokeness and left-wing policies very annoying. …

Progressives … have been peddling their own version of “Great Replacement Theory” for years. Progressive politicians and journalists only support unrestricted immigration for political gain, and supported curbing immigration in the past, even when it was economically and socially beneficial, when it did not politically benefit them. When immigrants are anti-communist [e.g. from Cuba], progressives like Joe Biden want to keep them out. California’s Democratic governor Jerry Brown wanted to close California’s airfields to refugees when Republican President Gerald Ford was using them to evacuate hundreds of thousands of anti-communist Vietnamese refugees from South Vietnam, knowing that these Vietnamese would vote Republican for a generation — as they in fact did.

Too many on the left actually believe their fantasies. Consequently they have little idea of how the world works, and so they are inadvertently wrecking our societies to gain short-term power.