Dinesh D’Souza (“2000 Mules”) just exposed the treachery of the corporate media “conservatives”, including Fox and Tucker Carlson

Dinesh D’Souza (“2000 Mules”) just exposed the treachery of the corporate media “conservatives”, including Fox and Tucker Carlson. By Emerald Robinson.

Fox News has been on a collision course with its own audience since the stolen 2020 election — and you can almost feel the impact coming. …

It’s been perfectly obvious for years now that Rupert Murdoch and his feckless sons turned against President Trump and actually helped Joe Biden — which is not just unforgivable. It’s unsustainable.

The Australian newspaper, like all the Newscorp (Murdoch) newspapers, has never given one word of support to the notion that the US 2020 election was rigged, unfair, or stolen. Not even to canvass the possibility — only to dismiss it.

Why? Because it requires the silence of other prominent conservatives, and the short term memories of GOP voters, to allow Fox News to continue pretending that it’s a conservative news network. Guess what: GOP voters have not forgotten about Fox News calling Arizona early — and prominent conservatives are no longer interested in ignoring Fox’s treachery.

Case in point: Dinesh D’Souza dropped several bombshells on Twitter recently that illustrate that Fox News has nowhere left to hide. …

D’Souza’s tweet virtually guarantees that he will never appear on any Fox News program again. He will be black-listed — a common practice at Fox (just ask Rudy Giuliani and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Peter Navarro). Dinesh knew all of this and did it anyway — and that should tell you something. (He even tagged a Fox producer on Tucker’s team to name and shame him.) Fox has lost its monopoly power on the Right, and it’s no longer immune from criticism by the conservative community.

That hasn’t stopped Fox News from trying to cut D’Souza out of his own documentary in order to present the work as its own. Just watch this explosive video.

Fox News might as well be Helen Keller right now: it can’t see or hear anything about the stolen election. So it cannot allow Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary “2000 Mules” to be mentioned on their shows because Fox News told its audience for the last 18 months that election fraud was a myth pushed by conspiracy theorists.

You do remember that, don’t you?

The real reason that “2000 Mules” is being ignored by the conservative corporate media and the liberal corporate media is because it’s true. The stolen 2020 election was the largest political interference operation ever conducted in America. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s charity spent more than $400 million to create a private election system in swing states — and he was hardly alone. It took massive coordination from both political parties and the corporate media and federal law enforcement and left-wing NGO’s to thwart the will of the American people in 2020.

The problem for both political parties and the corporate media and federal law enforcement and left-wing NGO’s is that they pulled it off but they got caught doing it. The fraud was much too pervasive and public to be kept secret. That’s why “2000 Mules” is creating such an awkward moment at Fox News. Our corrupt institutions have no idea what to do next. They can’t admit to the fraud — but they also can’t dismiss the evidence. (They tried for the last 18 months and it didn’t work.) They have to pretend now that nothing is happening and they have to keep pretending until 2024. …

Fox News can bully GOP politicians and conservative influencers into silence because it threatens to blacklist them — but social media now makes that sort of “top down” control irrelevant. It’s easy to shut down Lou Dobbs — he’s under contract. How do you shut down Catturd? Or Rising Serpent? There’s too many people to bully now.

And the truth can break out from anywhere — even from the comments section of a tweet from an anonymous account.

Fox News doesn’t want to cover election fraud because the GOP establishment doesn’t want to find election fraud when it involves cheating to defeat Donald Trump. Fox News is the voice of the GOP establishment. …

Fox News is the voice of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Mike Pence and Bill Barr and a bunch of other unpopular politicians who want rid of President Trump permanently….

The uniparty regime in Washington … doesn’t have any GOP voters left. Look at McConnell’s poll numbers. Look at Pence’s poll numbers. Trump just endorsed a bunch of primary candidates and they just swept through the GOP establishment’s picks like Hunter Biden at a strip club. The GOP establishment has the voting machines, but it doesn’t have any voters.

Fox News is not on the side of the GOP voters — but they do rely on them. So they’re caught, and everybody knows it. That’s why Fox wants to strong-arm conservative influencers like D’Souza into letting it appropriate his content on voter fraud — they need to pretend to care for the sake of the audience. Just watch D’Souza’s podcast video again, and listen to what he tells you: Fox News knows that they “can crucify him” and so he has to “stay on the reservation” or he will be banned. Tucker’s executive producer (D’Souza claims) responded to D’Souza’s declining their strong-arm “offer” by telling D’Souza that “he was finished” and that Fox would “teach him a lesson.”

That’s a threat that had teeth before 2020. Now it just sounds like hollow threats from gutless people. The world has changed. The people who are going to get taught a lesson in the next few years are at Fox News.

A similar shameful situation exists in climate change. Too many of the skeptics are acting as if they were controlled opposition. They’re not, but they are relatively happy in their financial sinecures, and don’t want to rock the boat by actually exposing the problem with the climate models. Educating their audience or teaching themselves about how the models work? All too hard. And jealous of anyone who threaten to expose the models — no publicity for them. After all, if climate change was solved — the problem in the models found — then their financial sinecure might disappear. If anyone actually wants to do something effective, contact us.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific