Christianity Has Been the Main Defense Against Leftist Tyranny for Two Thousand Years

Christianity Has Been the Main Defense Against Leftist Tyranny for Two Thousand Years. By Tucker Carlson, commenting on the rash of firebombings and intimidations at Christian churches since the Roe leak.

The Biden administration has made it its job, its self-described job, to protect unpopular minority groups. There’s also, by the way, a federal law that makes intimidating churchgoers illegal. It’s 18 U.S.C. 247, for the record.

But the Biden administration has no interest in protecting this particular reviled minority. They’re ignoring the whole thing. That means that churches now need armed guards to protect themselves …

So, maybe you’re starting to think this isn’t actually about Roe. Maybe it’s about something more than that. Maybe it’s about something much darker than that.

Take a look what Democrats are doing in Congress right now, if you want a sense of what their plans are. This is a real passage from a new abortion bill the Democrats are trying to get through the Congress and we’re quoting: “This act is intended to protect all people with a capacity for pregnancy, cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender and others.”

So there it is. It’s not really about codifying Roe – abortions for people who “need them safe, legal and rare.” It’s about something much bigger than that. It’s about displacing God as the great decider. Democrats now reserve the right to rewrite biology, which is to say dominion over nature. Now they’re in charge.

So again, this isn’t just about intimidating Supreme Court justices, five of them, into changing their views on Roe v. Wade. It’s about attacking Christianity because Christianity stands in their way. MSNBC just comes out and says it. …

Why are liberals angry at Christianity? You wouldn’t think they would be. Christianity has been the single greatest force for human rights in history. In fact, the Western understanding of human rights, our understanding of human rights, all of us, atheists included, is based on Christianity. That’s where it comes from. Christianity is the reason we don’t have slavery and segregation and children working in factories. Christians did that.

So, if you’re a sincere liberal, it would seem odd to hate Christians. But the totalitarians always do hate Christians. The Soviets killed the priests first, so did Mao. During the Spanish Civil War, the Communists subjected a statue of Jesus to a symbolic execution in front of a firing squad. It was one of the first things they did within weeks of the war breaking out. Here’s the picture on your screen. Shooting Jesus. It tells you everything.

Modern liberals hate Christianity, not because it’s repressive, but because they are. Any religion that puts God before government is by definition a threat to their power. Most offensive of all, Christianity specifically rejects their most cherished dogma, which is racial hierarchy. The Christian message is the opposite of the equity agenda.

Christianity describes a universal brotherhood of man, every person created in God’s image and therefore, for that reason, morally equal. That is gravely disempowering for the left. If all people are morally equal, you can’t really divide your population by skin color. You can’t really set one group against another. You can’t tell one group you’re better than that group, you’re worse than that group. That’s not allowed. So, in order to allow it, you have to erase Christianity, and they’ve been working on it for a long time.

Ever notice how they call Martin Luther King, “Dr.”, but not “Reverend”? King was not a physician. He was a Christian preacher. They’d like you to forget that. Undermining Christianity is the central project of the left because it stands in their way. As dozens of churches burned across Canada last summer, the country’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, refused to condemn the firebombing. He called them “understandable.” Then the head of Canada’s ACLU effectively endorsed the fire bombings. “Burn it all down,” she wrote.

And now we’re seeing it happen here as we knew it would.

Jesus was the world’s greatest politician. His central contribution was to insert into society the idea that there is a power above government that we all answer to, who is more powerful and of far greater consequence than any earthly ruler. Tyranny hates that idea, because it wants to be God. It wants might to be right. It wants to be answerable to no one, so it can do what it pleases.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil