Liberals Are Evil

Liberals Are Evil. By John Hinderaker.

Like most conservatives, I used to think that most liberals are nice people who are misguided because they haven’t studied economics, don’t know anything about history or foreign policy, and so on. I no longer believe that to be the case. I don’t think it is possible to observe today’s liberalism without concluding that it is largely demonic.

For today’s case in point, observe this demonstration of pro-baby killers in front of Chief Justice John Roberts’ home:

Such protests against judges are explicitly illegal, to say nothing of immoral intimidation and refusing to play by society’s rules. Nothing but thugs.

I believe there are January 6 election integrity protesters who have been imprisoned for well over a year despite, in many cases, doing nothing whatsoever wrong. How about these pro-abortion libs? Their mission is more sinister and their methods are more plainly illegal, since many and likely most of the January 6 protesters entered the Capitol at the invitation of Capitol Police.

So, will any of these pro-abortion criminals be jailed, let alone held without bail for a year and a half? Personally, I would be satisfied if each of them serves a mere three months in prison. But there is zero chance that will happen. Being a liberal has its privileges, as we have all come to understand.

So what are you going to do about it?