Kamala the Office Tart

Kamala the Office Tart. By Elizabeth Fortunato.

Kamala Harris can never seem to catch a break. She keeps making headlines for the wrong reasons. Her disastrous recent appearances in Europe and domestically have been the subject of much derision. Harris’ absence at the southern border has drawn intense scrutiny, especially since Joe Biden appointed her “border czar” and asked her to determine and remedy the root causes of the current migration crisis.

She’s been plagued by high-level staff resignations, and, like her boss, she continues to be prone to gaffes and incomprehensible word-salad oratory. Her unique laugh, the product of ill-preparedness and stress, makes her appear vapid. She doesn’t appear to do much work, nor does she seem to care about it.

Biden’s mental infirmity is more visible by the day. Harris’ ascension to our country’s highest office may be closer than anyone wants to acknowledge. In considering a potential Harris presidency, one must seriously consider what, if any, qualifications she actually possesses for the job.

It is abundantly clear that Harris is the prototypical office tart who uses sexual favors as her most important qualification for advancement. Her tawdry relationship with former California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown was her introduction to politics and led to her election as San Francisco district attorney.

She subsequently failed to distinguish herself as California’s attorney general, U.S. senator, or as a presidential candidate. In none of these roles did she demonstrate any administrative or executive acumen.

If Harris is president by 2024, her most vital selling point is that she will be the first woman to hold the office, and a woman of color at that. Democratic Party leaders and all her endorsers, past and present, tout those superficial characteristics as reasons for supporting her.

Accomplishments? None to speak of.

Harris is particularly fond of promoting herself as a role model for little girls. … [But] no loving parent, however, wants to see his or her daughter achieve success the way Kamala Harris did.

While adults may sigh, “That’s just how the world works,” we need to worry about Harris as a role model for little girls, especially young girls of color. …

Harris in the Oval Office necessitates a national discussion on integrity as an internal virtue, far more praiseworthy than physical attributes like race, sex, and beauty. …

Using sex to get ahead:

The Center for Work-Life Policy found in 2010 that 15 percent of women admitted to forming relationships with married male superiors for corporate advancement, and 37 percent knew a colleague who engaged in this form of corporate ladder climbing.

The reality isn’t so simple. Competent women who won’t “put out” are passed over and discriminated against. The office tart sets up her successors to be sexually harassed by empowering her superiors to expect and make sexual demands. …

Yet, the biggest issue created for corporations and governments is when an infamously incompetent worker promotes to high levels on the couch. Kamala Harris presents such an issue. She was drafted based on her appearance, sex, and race. Activists on both sides raised questions about her professional competence and integrity during her rise, but it was all for naught. Now the country is suffering and will continue to suffer the consequences.

Standards have slipped a long way, haven’t they?