The Regime Fears White Americans Will Outfox the “Affirmative Action” Scam

The Regime Fears White Americans Will Outfox the “Affirmative Action” Scam. By Darren Beattie.

Poor Kaitlyn Younger didn’t stand a chance.

A Wall Street Journal article recently profiled the young high school graduate, who despite a stellar academic record will be attending Arizona State University after receiving rejection letters from the Ivy League schools and some University of California flagships. …

She took her first advanced-placement course as a freshman, scored 1550 [total of two SATs, each out of 800] on her SATs as a junior at McKinney High School near Dallas and will graduate this spring with an unweighted 3.95 grade-point average and as the founder of the school’s accounting club. Along the way she performed in and directed about 30 plays, sang in the school choir, scored top marks on the tests she has so far taken for 11 advanced-placement classes, helped run a summer camp and held down a part-time job. …

Poor Kaitlyn just didn’t get it. No doubt her parents raised her to work hard and try her best at everything. Almost certainly, she believed she lived in a meritocratic country where the most excellent would rise to the top and be rewarded.

Sadly, Kaitlyn is wrong. The meritocratic America is dead, and it’s now a husk replaced by a caste-based spoils system. And Kaitlyn, being a white, middle-class, probably heterosexual girl from a flyover state, is nearly at the bottom of this caste system. …

Kaitlyn is a kulak.

The modern American regime is built on explicit, institutionalized hostility to the people who most resemble the great Americans of the past. It is anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-rural, and anti-middle class. The more of these traits a person has, the more worthy of hate they become.

The white American middle class have become America’s kulaks — Blamed for every problem, vilified for every success, and deserving of every punishment. Their destruction has become a fundamental goal of American political life.

What Katie should have done:

If Kaitlyn wanted to be rewarded by America’s elite institutions, she didn’t need to show excellence. What she needed to show was fealty. Instead of an accounting club, she should have founded a post-George Floyd racial justice movement. Instead of being presumptively straight, she needed to make LGBTQ+ a core part of her identity and at least call herself bisexual, like 12.5 percent of Harvard’s latest class.

But the single best thing Kaitlyn could have done to improve her admissions cycle was simply not be white. The only reason Kaitlyn is stuck at ASU, instead of being an auto-admit at the Ivy of her choice, is because of her skin color. For decades, in flagrant disregard for every principle of equality or judging humans as individuals, America’s elite colleges have systematically treated some races favorably, and others unfavorably, solely based on skin color. It’s not even in dispute.

Liberals admitted that there is almost nothing that can be done that would stop white students from gaining an advantage by reporting themselves as multiracial.

The reason, of course, is that with proper preparation, a lie never will be caught. America doesn’t have some centralized database of racial ancestry.

Everything about America’s unequal, anti-white discrimination regime depends on white Americans’ willful acquiescence. As Steve Sailer observed, America’s massive racial spoils system relies on its white victims playing by the honor system while serving as the country’s designated punching bag.

This system has to run on an honor system, because America’s racial categories are ad-hoc and phony, and often reshaped to justify a perpetual attack on America’s core heritage population. …

[So, now white] people with a single Spanish great-grandfather are marking themselves as Hispanic on census forms and college applications. And if Kaitlyn Younger had been able to claim a single Spanish ancestor on her college application, she might be celebrating her admission to Yale right now.

Why does this category even exist, and why are so many people eager to join it? It’s obvious: Because everyone sees that boring ordinary “whites” are the bad group in America, and the quickest way to get a leg up is to hop to another group. …

And you know what? Good for them. The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly guarantees the equal protection of the laws, and therefore prohibits treating Americans differently on the basis of race. But America’s ruling regime has nullified that clear constitutional provision, creating a new reality where wealth and titles and prizes are handed out solely based on what racial group one is sorted into.

The American Constitution, the Golden Rule, and common-sense morality all clearly call for equal treatment between racial groups. But the Globalist American Empire has chosen a very different moral code. It’s a code with a rigid hierarchy, where some races go at the top and others go at the bottom. It’s a code where, whenever the group at the bottom succeeds, it is always assumed to be due to exploitation and mistreatment of others. It is a racist code, no morally different from Jim Crow or India’s castes or the old Spanish casta tables.

Protesting America’s racial spoils system is necessary but ultimately inadequate. It is well past the time for this system and its managers to be undermined and humiliated. And the best way to do that is to stop playing along. …

A century ago, black Americans evaded the injustice of Jim Crow by “passing” as white. Today, America is reviving segregation and racism as an official part of government policy, and once again, “passing” and deception are perfect tools of resistance.

So go wild. When reparations come to your town or your institution, do everything you can to get a cut. When your children apply to college, shave their heads and give them a tan and claim they are proud of their partial African heritage. …

If you can’t get away with that, claim Hispanic lineage from Mexico or, better yet, Central America. Hispanic isn’t even a real race, so literally anybody can qualify. So what if you can’t prove it? Most people don’t have detailed family trees. Your family lore says it’s true. If family lore was enough to launch Elizabeth Warren’s career, it’s good enough for you.