Australian Election Update

Australian Election Update. By Chris Kenny.

Most of the political critique of Scott Morrison is mindlessly vicious: that he does not care about fire and flood victims; that he wants people’s standard of living to fall; that he was uninterested in the plight of a staff member who, unbeknown to him, allegedly was raped in Parliament House; or that he intends to vandalise the planet.

This scenario is about as plausible as the antics of some dastardly pantomime villain, yet Labor and the Greens present it as a serious political attack and much of the media amplifies it.

It goes to the modus operandi of the modern political left; driven by the dual imperatives of focusing on identity and searching for motives over facts, it is not good enough to portray conservatives as incompetent or misguided, they must be denounced as evil wreckers.

Most six-year-olds would spot the flaw in this argument and wonder why people would devote their political careers to inflicting pain on others — but nonetheless this nonsense continues. …

Double standards don’t trouble the left:

The double standards are so obvious they defy belief. In the past week or so we have seen Morrison demonised for daring to say he was blessed to have two healthy children, while Labor’s Jason Clare was lauded as a pop culture whiz for mocking Coalition frontbencher Zed Seselja over his Croatian name.

Flip that one around — if Penny Wong said she was blessed to have healthy children she (rightly) would have met with gushing approval, and if a Coalition politician made a quip about Labor senator Malarndirri McCarthy’s name they (rightly) would be denounced for race-based mockery.

The confected outrage machine fires only from left to right. …

Likely result:

Current polling suggests we could see the worst possible election outcome — a minority Labor government reliant on Greens and green-left independents. This is the power sharing that Adam Bandt, Simon Holmes a Court and Allegra Spender dream about. …

Is it really the contention of the fake independents of the leafy Liberal seats that the most pressing issue facing the nation is climate change? Do they not realise that even if the nation was run by an army of women in teal T-shirts Australian policy decisions could not have a discernible influence, for good or ill, on the climate?

Can they really continue to blame recent fires, floods and droughts on climate change when we have seen worse fires, floods and droughts long before anthropogenic emissions could have had any influence on the climate? Are they interested in facts or only in emotive alarmism?

People living in the richest electorates in the country, in large, airconditioned houses with Range Rovers to take them to their farms and beach houses when they choose not to holiday overseas are being urged to tell others to reduce their carbon footprints. If the teal brigade holds sway, working families elsewhere can wear the consequences of higher electricity prices, more expensive vehicles and job losses in key industries.

People who buy this are surrendering logic in favour of sanctimony. And if they vote according to this script they will deliver self-harm based on fallacies.

Social status trumps facts, for many.

It is a democracy, so maybe the virtue signalers are the majority and the facts can just take a back seat until it’s too late. Nuh, just kidding.