Swedish Political Class Dumbfounded by Paludan’s Koran-Burning, Muslim Violence

Swedish Political Class Dumbfounded by Paludan’s Koran-Burning, Muslim Violence. By Harri Honkanen.

In 2005, Sweden was one of the safest countries in Europe. But by November last year, the leading German newspaper Bild was pointing out that Sweden was now the most dangerous country in Europe, with four times the EU average when it comes to people dying from gunshot wounds … Sweden’s major cities are now dominated by warring Muslim gangs, with innocent passers-by falling victim to their turf wars.

It thus takes a very brave man to go to the most Muslim-heavy areas of such cities and set fire to the Koran. But this is what a Danish-Swedish politician, Rasmus Paludan, did this month, resulting in serious rioting that has garnered international attention. It’s just more evidence that immigration-imported Diversity Is Strength. …

Even the Leftist Justice Minister, Social Democrat Morgan Johansson, insisted that Paludan must have the right to protest, even if he questioned his motives for so doing, due to the disorder it causes in Sweden …

Johansson eloquently expresses the helplessness of the Swedish Woke elite. They want their quiet, calm society in which you had the freedom to protest, but they also want Muslim immigration so that they can use it as a means of virtue-signalling their way to power, importing a block vote and attacking ordinary Swedes, whom they despise for their lack of culture.

They justify this by convincing themselves that they love the marginalized, who are kind, decent people. Of course, these Muslim immigrants are clearly violent. But the Swedish elite can hardly admit that even to themselves because that would be to admit their own hypocrisy and moral corruption.

Paludan’s brutal stunts are merely confronting them with what they are. He has forced them to admit failure, but they appear genuinely to have no idea what to do next.

Crazy plan, but it worked!

So this is the way to make the woke mob admit that a religion may be dangerously violent. Burn their sacred religious items in protest to test whether they accept your right to free speech. Maybe this tactic can be used to unmask other woke nonsense too.