Elon Musk Will Not Save Us

Elon Musk Will Not Save Us. By Brian Maloney.

Elon Musk is not a deity here to save the Right from its own shortcomings. Sorry to burst 2022’s weirdest bubble. We’ve now crossed firmly into outright hysteria, but at what cost?

Because congressional Republicans failed to focus on election integrity and reining in Big Tech tyranny when in power (sadly, lobbying money won), desperate conservatives are now latching onto perceived “saviors” who are instead false idols.

  • In 2020, we had attorney Lin Wood marching in to rectify a stolen election, until he switched gears and encouraged Republicans to stay home for the critical U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia last year. That gave us two new Democrats and an extremist Supreme Court justice.
  • Working with Wood was Sidney Powell, who promised daily to release a “Kraken” that never appeared.
  • And earlier this year, podcast host Joe Rogan promised in vague terms to do something for us beyond promoting his own career.

We’ve gained nothing from any of these people.

Now, with a religious fervor normally reserved for revival tents, the Right has grabbed onto billionaire Silicon Valley tech oligarch Elon Musk. This erratic, eccentric CEO promises an unending reign of “free speech absolutism” with his pending $44 billion purchase of Twitter. (The deal is not final.)

Unfortunately, it’s a mass delusion, one that will blow up in the faces of conservatives, potentially cost Republicans seats, and set the movement back many years. And incredibly, almost no one on the Right (with rare exceptions, such as Steve Bannon) considers this likely outcome. …

What are Musk’s aims?

He craves unending public adulation and a limitless public forum to spout off as he pleases. Purchasing the rest of Twitter isn’t necessary, as his close friendship with cofounder, current board member, and former CEO Jack Dorsey has always given him carte blanche there. Elon is always among the first suggested follows for new sign-ups and there’s no evidence he’s ever been censored personally.

The impulsive need to shut down Jack Sweeney, an enterprising 19-year-old running automated trackers of Musk family private jets (Elon’s own and his brother Kimbal’s) is the best current theory behind what caused him to pull the trigger on the initial 9 percent Twitter stake in early April. Sweeney turned down a $5,000 offer to shut down his accounts. Musk’s late disclosure of this purchase has brought additional scrutiny from federal officials who’ve already been investigating him since the Trump Administration in 2018.

So why bother buying the remainder of the company? It serves as both a distraction from bad news emanating from the many federal agencies up to their eyeballs investigating his business practices and a limitless method of firing back. …

Musk might be good on free speech, but he’s not exactly your typical conservative:

  • In 2018, Musk proclaimed himself “a socialist.” “True socialism seeks greatest good for all,” he tweeted.
  • Past political support for the Clintons, Obama, California Governor Gavin Newsom and other Democrats has been public and followed up with monetary contributions. …
  • Musk’s disturbingly close ties with the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party have been thoroughly documented and require a separate piece to describe in detail, but many examples were spelled out in a 2021 Breitbart story.
  • Musk’s drug use has long been out in the open, with no attempt to disguise it. …
  • In early April, Musk spent an entire weekend at extreme underground sex clubs in Berlin that specialize in fetishes and BDSM. This was widely reported worldwide but barely made a ripple in the U.S. media.

Though he denies it vehemently, Musk has documented connections to notorious convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and perpetual sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell. … Conservatives have rightly condemned fellow billionaire Bill Gates over his connections to Epstein, but want to give Musk a free pass? We look like hypocrites and are handing the left an easy talking point.

At this point, large swaths of the Right have dived straight into Musk’s personality cult, and few are going to consider the many obvious red flags. Yet the danger to congressional Republicans tweeting support for Musk and running for re-election this November is extreme. Are you begging for these to be used in campaign ads by opponents?

Hmmm. More worryingly, buying Twitter won’t work. Soon the left will say Twitter has become a Nazi pond of racist misinformation, and will ostracize and sack people for having a Twitter account. There is simply no way that the left will consent to arguing their policies on a medium where non-left people are allowed to talk freely. They are way too addicted to censorship now — they need it!