It’s Official: Europeans (Such As Macron’s Voters In France) Have a Genetic Death Wish

It’s Official: Europeans (Such As Macron’s Voters In France) Have a Genetic Death Wish. By Lance Welton.

There are two types of ethnocentrism. “Positive ethnocentrism” means you take pride in your own people and make sacrifices for them. “Negative ethnocentrism” means you don’t especially like other peoples.

Computer modelling experiments show once you control for other factors, ethnocentric groups will dominate and displace less ethnocentric groups.

European-Americans, and Europeans in general, are not very ethnocentric.

It’s only Europeans — specifically northern Europeans — admitting hundreds of thousands of young, fit, male, Syrian fake refugees. In contrast, Northeast Asian countries aren’t letting them in. They don’t want their country deconstructed. Arab countries and Israel feel the same.

A recently published paper in the leading psychology journal Personality and Individual Differences confirms white people are the least ethnocentric, both in both the positive and negative sense, of all major races. … Whites are the least ethnocentric, then blacks, then North Asians, and finally South Asians and Arabs, who are the most ethnocentric of these races. …

The review of other research in the paper notes northern Europe is low in “racism” (meaning: not wanting foreigners) and high in generalized trust. In southern Europe this is completely reversed. In Greece, nobody trusts anybody and nobody likes foreigners. …

Genetics influences reproduction strategies, which influence ethnocentrism:

One of the team’s most important discoveries is the prevalence of particular forms of genes in the population has a significant effect on ethnocentrism.

In terms of a broader model for what might be going on, the authors present us with something called Life History Theory. In essence, you either adopt a fast LH strategy — known as an r-strategy; or a slow LH strategy, known as a K-strategy. We all sit somewhere on this spectrum, relatively closer to r or K, and this is true of nations and races.

In a highly unstable but plentiful environment, such as pathogen-rich Africa, more people adopt an r-strategy. They must live fast because they will die young and unpredictably. As such, they are evolved to invest their resources in sex and have as much sex with as many people as possible. They create weak social bonds, only develop small and unstable social groups, and are highly aggressive and impulsive. All of this is designed to be able to deal with sudden, violent problems.

As the environment becomes more stable, it reaches its carrying capacity for the species. This makes it harsher and more competitive. This results in a move towards a K-strategy. You live slowly because you can better predict the future, making investments in it worthwhile. … A K-strategy means less investment in sex (quantity) and more in growth (quality). K-strategists will have fewer partners and children but bond more strongly and invest more in them. This makes them more likely to adapt the environment and develop larger social groups. Being “cast out” in a harsh environment means certain death, so they evolve to be cooperative and loving. In short, the more cooperative group will win the battle of group selection.

The authors argue that ethnic groups are basically extended families and we only invest in families because it helps to indirectly pass on our own genes. The more sure we are that someone’s our genetic kin. the more we will invest. So, Northeast Asian dads will invest in their kids because everybody is trustworthy and so they can trust that the kids really are theirs.

Of course, in a society like South Asia — less K — people are much less trustworthy so people are less inclined to invest in their kids, let alone in the broader society. But you can get round this if you marry your cousin. Then, even if the child isn’t yours, he is still strongly related to you. Indeed, so is the whole of the society, so it makes sense to take risks for it and be proud of it and attack foreigners because it really is your genes. Cousin marriage is also associated, though not as strongly, with positive ethnocentrism for similar reasons. …


Firstly, there are race differences in ethnocentrism and that Europeans are uniquely low in it, something which has probably helped them to trade and develop better.

Secondly, this onetime advantage will be catastrophic in the modern world of easy transportation and mass migration. So unless non-European numbers are kept small, we will be overwhelmed because they will always be more ethnocentric than us.

Finally, if we are to reverse the situation — the death of European America — we need to become more stressed and more religious.

If mass immigration continues, that may be just what happens. The European-Americans who survive will be far more ethnocentric than their ancestors. Those who continue the traditional European pattern of low ethnocentrism will pass into history.

Macron won yesterday’s French election, 58 to 42. At least Marine Le Pen made the global establishment sweat this time, fearing a Brexit or Trump surprise. In 2017 she lost by a wide margin, 66 to 33. Everyone knows the trend is running in her favor, against the globalists.

Speaking of Macron:

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