Australian Election: The major parties woo the unvaxxed

Australian Election: The major parties woo the unvaxxed. By Rebecca Weisser.

Belatedly, the Coalition has realised it is facing a tightrope election and every ballot counts, especially an estimated 1.2 million people of voting age who are unvaccinated, and many more who were coerced into taking a jab they only submitted to because the alternative was to lose their job. …


There’s plenty for the Prime Minister — a God-fearing, coal-loving man — to repent. A new Compass poll shows that of those people who voted Coalition last time and are voting for a minor party or an independent this time, 44 per cent have gone either to One Nation (32 per cent) or UAP (12 per cent), around five times more than government has lost to the Climate 200 independents (8 per cent) or to the Greens (9 per cent).

The top reasons Coalition voters gave for switching to One Nation are the government’s policies on climate change (27 per cent), vaccination (25 per cent) and because they are fed up with wokeness (23 per cent). For those who are switching to UAP it was vaccination (23 per cent), abortion and euthanasia policies (20 per cent) and climate change (14 per cent). …


Labor is also regretting that of those voting for One Nation or UAP at this election, 10 per cent voted Labor last time. …

I was shocked at how badly the unvaxxed were discriminated against, because it was medically unjustified. The governments went all in on vaccines, based on misunderstandings of what the “vaccines” do for you, and the ill-informed public thought that the discrimination against the unvaxxed somehow protected them. Now, governments are walking back the discrimination:

This explains why both the Coalition and Labor are trying to win back the people they branded ‘anti-vaxxers’ and booted out of jobs and civil society.

South Australia ended the vaccine mandate for teachers and transport workers. Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory are allowing the unvaxxed back into pubs and clubs. Victoria is ending vaccine mandates for all but ‘essential’ occupations. NSW has ended vaccine mandates for teachers. Even federal health minister Greg Hunt quietly dropped the requirement that Australians had to be vaccinated to leave the country last week.

Yet that hardly solves the problem. While unvaccinated health care workers are unemployed, Andrews admitted that hospitals in Victoria have been crippled by vaccinated staff who have caught Covid or are isolating. It’s the same story at airports where staff shortages created chaos at airports over Easter. Yet no journalist has asked whether vaccine injuries are contributing to either crisis. …

Vaccine problems not acknowledged — yet:

Not so in the US. On Easter Tuesday, Joshua Yoder of told the Stew Peters Show that on 9 April a captain in command of an American Airlines airbus with 200 passengers onboard went into cardiac arrest in the cockpit, moments after landing. The captain is now suing the company for coercing him to get vaccinated. The health of pilots is strictly monitored, and the pilot had a clean record until he was jabbed. Yoder said he has been contacted by hundreds of flight crew who have suffered heart problems including strokes, blood clots and severe chest pains.

One flight attendant has had four strokes since being vaccinated and feared she would soon die. He says pilots are failing their medicals and losing their licences at an unprecedented rate. He alleges that some are still flying with chest pains, putting the public at risk. …

On Easter Saturday cricket legend Ryan Campbell, 50, said to be ‘fit as a fiddle’, was hospitalised with a massive heart attack which can be caused by myocarditis, a known side effect of the mRNA vaccines. He’s the latest in a wave of elite athletes and coaches being struck down with serious health issues.

Earlier this month, 15 players were unable to finish the Miami Open tennis tournament, including the male and female favourites. A website called has recorded 933 athletes worldwide who have had cardiac arrests or other serious injuries since the vaccines were rolled, of whom 617 died. Gary Dempsey, a professional footballer who played nearly 500 games over nearly 20 years from 1996, said he couldn’t remember a single cardiac arrest. …

None of the major parties want to deal with Covid’s warped vaccines but like the Grim Reaper, sooner or later, the time will come.

Political spin versus reality, yet again. The bureaucrats are hiding the numbers under the carpet, because they are so awful. But it’s getting pretty crowded under the carpet, with decades of climate misinformation waiting to burst out too.

Vaccines and climate are too big to fail politically, yet the bureaucrats and globalists have been wrong in both cases. I suppose they figure to get in as much looting and high salaries as possible before the truth inevitably emerges.