Why Democrats Oppose Pro-Grooming Disney Paying Its ‘Fair Share’

Why Democrats Oppose Pro-Grooming Disney Paying Its ‘Fair Share’. By John Nolte.

Democrats are literally freaking out and melting down over the idea of the grooming-enablers at the Walt Disney Company paying their fair share of taxes …

Disney World has received special government privileges that eased its tax and regulation burdens for forty years. For forty years, this multinational corporation has enjoyed privileges not given to other Floridians. It’s the ultimate corporate welfare program, and after the Florida legislature did the right thing this week in revoking those special privileges, Democrats literally freaked out.

LITERALLY freaked out…

Watch this…

Disney, a company worth billions, will simply be required to play by the same tax and regulation rules as every other Floridian. Well, Democrats not only voted against Disney paying its “fair share,” they melted down in a tantrum of crybaby protest.


I’ll tell you why.

Now that Disney has devolved into a fascist, left-wing company aggressively pursuing the sexual grooming of small children, the groomer-enablers in the Democrat party love Disney more than their phony “fair share” principle.

The Democrat party has no principles. The only morality on the left is whatever helps them achieve their goal of unencumbered power over the rest of us.

Democrats understand that if you groom and sexualize young children, you will create generation after generation of damaged, neurotic, troubled, shallow narcissists and bullies. In other words, you will create more Democrats. …

When it comes to destroying the innocence of children as a means to mold them into unhappy, dysfunctional Democrats, Disney and Democrats are on the same side. So, of course, Disney should be rewarded with corporate welfare. Democrats always throw treats to their good and loyal dogs.

It’s not hard to connect every political passion of the left to increasing the number of left voters. Illegal immigration, welfare, and identity politics are the other standout issues. The general good of society comes a poor second in each case.