‘I’m very tired of being left out’: Pauline Hanson slams Australian Aboriginal ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies as ‘left-wing virtue signalling’

‘I’m very tired of being left out’: Pauline Hanson slams Australian Aboriginal ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies as ‘left-wing virtue signalling’. By Charlie Moore.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has described Welcome to Country ceremonies as ‘left-wing virtue signalling’ and declared she is ‘tired’ of them.

Senator Hanson made the controversial remarks after Anthony Albanese was booed while acknowledging traditional land owners on stage at Bluesfest in Byron Bay on Sunday night. …

Welcomes to Country ceremonies between Indigenous Australian communities date back thousands of years. TV presenter Ernie Dingo and musician Richard Walley performed the first for non-Indigenous Australians in 1976 at a festival in Perth. Indigenous elders now regularly give a Welcome to Country at major events including sports games and concerts.

‘Some of you might not realise but this “welcome to country” isn’t some ancient tradition. It is a modern invention,’ Senator Hanson wrote. ‘Just one of the many overused methods of left-wing virtue signalling that shoehorns politics and pandering into everyday life.’

The One Nation leader said her party believes that ‘everyone should be equal.’

‘We shouldn’t be elevating one group above others,’ she wrote.

‘We are all Australians equally sharing our country together.

‘That’s why you won’t ever hear me welcoming people to their own country.’

Own country? Not really. Indigenous people are now “First Nations people”, which rather suggests the rest of us are somehow second class. This is dangerously divisive rhetoric, pushing us towards tribalization.

Turning to the concrete reality of money, Australia still dispenses government benefits along racial lines. A sort of welfare apartheid that persists. It’s 2022 — can’t we move past overt racism?

Why not hand out benefits to Australians who need them, not to Australians based on their race? Haven’t we the wit and morals to make the change?

Btw, Pauline Hanson started her political career as a Liberal candidate for the outer Brisbane seat of Oxley in 1996. But when she suggested that government benefits be dispensed according to need rather than race, the Liberal Party disendorsed her and kicked her out, and the left widely abused her as racist. No, she was anti-racist, and the judgement of history will look kindly on her for that.

hat-tip Stephen Neil