The globalists continue to loot the economy while distracting us with culture war

The globalists continue to loot the economy while distracting us with culture war. By Tucker Carlson.

Janet Yellen, the secretary of the Treasury, declared last week, for example, that “we must redouble our efforts to decarbonize our economy.” So, what does that mean exactly? How do you decarbonize an economy? Well, by spending trillions in new stimulus spending on renewable energy schemes that, by the way, are owned by the Chinese government and Democratic donors.

See how that works? You pass the cash around while it still exists. Another name for this is looting. It cannot go on forever, by definition …

It’s why they’re more determined than ever to move the conversation away from economics (“No talking about economics!”) and toward questions of race and obscure sexual politics.

Every new moral panic they create — and they create them by the dozens — diverts attention away from themselves. They’ve been doing this for quite a while, since at least the financial crisis. Since that time (2008/2009) our leaders have been telling us over and over and over again—many books have been written about it—that the central divide in America, the seeping wound, the original sin, is race.

Consider the timing. At exactly the moment the U.S. government bailed out Wall Street, not popular move, use of the terms race and racism in The Washington Post, The New York Times and USA Today jumped by more than 700%. So, the official message was really clear: you’ve got problems and White men caused those problems. The White guys are taking all the money and the perks for themselves and they’re holding everyone else down.

Now to this day, you hear that constantly, including from Joe Biden. It’s the most divisive possible message. It’s also, factually speaking, a lie. According to federal statistics, White men aren’t even close to the richest group in the United States. Indian-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Filipinos, Koreans, Indonesians, among others all have much higher median household incomes than Whites. So, the story is not only destructive of the social fabric, it’s not even true. The actual fault line in American life is not color. It’s money.

The real problem isn’t racism, it’s wealth distribution. A small number of people, smaller every year, have become richer than anyone else in history. Meanwhile, the rest of the country has stagnated and if you don’t believe that, drive out 20 miles from the city center and see how people are doing.

So, if the population understood this — that effectively it’s an economics game, it’s got nothing to do with racism or transgenders  — the population would be pretty mad about that.

Joe Biden and his donors fear that. They don’t want you to think about economics. They prefer to keep you paralyzed by guilt and shame and if that doesn’t work, they’d rather be worried about Ukraine. “Ukraine is the real scandal where economic problems are Putin’s fault.”

You never hear about how money is manufactured and who benefits in the media. Why do you suppose that is?