The Woke Mind Virus Is Making Netflix Unwatchable

The Woke Mind Virus Is Making Netflix Unwatchable. By John Nolte.

Over the past few years, most especially from Disney+ and HBOMax, Netflix has not only been hit with real competition for streaming dollars but its library has also been drained of the TV shows and movies owned by competing streaming services, who are taking them back for their own libraries.

A real problem, though, is that almost all of Netflix’s original content sucks the big one.

At first [15 years ago], Netflix delivered. There was a lot of great stuff to watch, and House of Cards, Netflix’s first serious foray into original programming, was edgy and dared to criticize the establishment, most especially Democrats and the political media.

Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey star in House of Cards.

As far as I was concerned, Netflix had cracked the code.

Then Netflix kept raising its prices.

Then Netflix went woke.

Now Netflix feels like a massive pile of old TV shows and movies and new TV shows and movies that are all woke garbage.

Two exceptions are The Ozarks, which ends next month, and Cobra Kai, which is about to start its fifth season. Then there’s Better Call Saul, which has remained brilliant and non-woke, but it’s an AMC show distributed by Netflix. It also comes to an end this year. All I watch on Netflix now is true crime, and even that’s not very good. The documentaries are either too long or explore the case through a woke prism, which adds no insight into what makes true crime so fascinating, and that’s what it tells us about the endlessly fascinating human condition. Woke is a lie. Therefore you don’t learn anything about anything. It’s an empty experience.

I’m sure that there’s a pony or two in Netflix’s massive pile of woke/gay/white guilt/male-bashing/anti-Christian/anti-family/pro-perversion shit, but life is too short to sort through it. And it’s such a shame because Netflix is literally spending billions and billions of dollars on garbage no one will ever watch. And when there’s competition out there, people are not going to pay $15 a month for a streaming service that holds nothing for them. …

You’d think Netflix would look at its own top ten ranking and wonder why its top ten most popular movies are, as of today… #2 The Cleaner (2007),  #4 Ouija: Origin from Evil (2016),  #5 Shrek: Forever After (2010), #6 Shrek (2001),  #7 The Call (2013), #8 The Blind Side (2009), #9 Shrek 2 (2004).

Look at that!

Netflix spends gazillions on original movies, and seven of its top ten are made up of old movies, five of which are more than ten years old, and two (The Call, The Cleaner) didn’t even rank as box office hits.

80% of the population prefers western civilization to woke. Woke content drives most people away.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Stephen Neil