The Greens Have Infected All the Major Australian Political Parties

The Greens Have Infected All the Major Australian Political Parties. By Viv Forbes.

Since the days of Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Don Chipp and Bob Brown, there has developed a monotonous uniformity in Australian politics.

Over the years, a green slime has infected all major parties — they now differ in details but not in principle.

First we had bipartisan support for preserving cuddly wild-life and locking up a few green places.

Then they added “global warming” to their political agenda. When the warming did not obey their scary narrative, they added “wild weather” to support their “kill coal, cars and cattle” agenda. All these scares were designed to panic people into supporting a hard green anti-industry mind set. Even their “Build-back-better” means “Build-back-green”.



Now the Covid scare has created a Brave New World controlled by a National Cabinet armed with never-ending jabs and a lock-down/track-and-trace mentality. Climate and Energy lockdowns are discussed behind green doors.

There is now little difference in principle between Liberals, Labor and Greens — soon they will all promote emissions targets and parrot green slogans.

Bowing continually to UN dictates and endless ABC/BBC propaganda, their Net Zero policies have multiplied electricity costs, harmed processing and manufacturing industries while defacing our grasslands, farms and forests with wind towers, solar “farms”, access tracks and spider webs of power lines that carry no power for much of the time. Now they propose to pollute our coastal waters with these unnecessary and unreliable industrial monstrosities.

Viv notes that a vote for real change — away from the woke narrative and back towards traditional western values that made our civilization great — is a vote for the panoply of small parties on the right. Use preferential voting to vote for them in any order, then the Nationals and Liberals, then Labor, and put the Greens last of all.

The Liberals stay just to the anti-narrative side of Labor, so as to collect all the votes to the right (even if only as preferences). This way the Liberals minimize their pain from the ABC and all the other lefty institutions.

But, by doing so they coddle the bureaucrats and their administrative state. In the long term, this ensures the demise of what the Liberal Party once stood for, namely a traditional party in favor of western civilization. The Liberals now implement the bureaucrat’s agenda, albeit more slowly than Labor. Labor, which has been taken over by the bureaucrats, is of course the first choice of Australia’s administrative state.

The choice between Liberal and Labor just boils down to a speed control — a slightly slower or faster implementation of the bureaucratic blob’s increasingly woke policies.