US and Canada Buy off and Outlaw Independent Journalists

US and Canada Buy off and Outlaw Independent Journalists. By Adam Sabes.

President Biden is proposing to give a major tax break to local media outlets as part of the $1.85 trillion reconciliation being considered by Congress.

The tax break would allow eligible local media organizations, including newspapers, digital news websites and television stations to receive a tax credit of $25,000 per journalist they employ, and $15,000 for the following four years. …

Once government gives people money, you can be sure those people get hooked on it and do whatever it takes to keep the money flowing. The US Government is now giving opinion makers free money, so like night follows day they will bring their opinions into line with the bureaucratic left’s:

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise called the tax credit for journalists “a scam.” “This is Biden and Dems in Congress helping pay the reporters’ salaries who cover for them,” the Louisiana Republican tweeted. …

“The left has made it clear their goal is to turn local journalism into versions of leftist NPR or PBS. That must be opposed,” [Dan Gainor, vice president for free speech America and business at Media Research Center] said.

Eric Worrall:

[Funding] journalists is a dangerous attack on free speech and independent journalism, a consolidation of the preeminence of the government point of view on mass media, just a short step from outright government ownership of media outlets — defacto control without explicitly restricting free speech.

Paying someone’s mortgage is a powerful incentive to toe the line, to the detriment of everyone other than the political sponsors of these reprehensible media control schemes.

Meanwhile, the ever-more-stupid Justin Trudeau is going the less-subtle coercive route, licensing journalists and thereby outlawing independent journalism in Canada:

Can’t wait to see what the new Australian Labor Government, to be elected next month according to the polls, will do. I’m expecting a big fat cheque, but I’m used to disappointments. Sadly, the government broadcasters will get big pay rises, to keep up with non-existent inflation.

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