Elon Musk’s Bid Reveals Twitter’s Central Political Importance

Elon Musk’s Bid Reveals Twitter’s Central Political Importance. By Tom Luongo.

[Musk] doesn’t even need to actually take control of Twitter. He’s already won.

By forcing Twitter’s board, who doesn’t own any shares in the company, to adopt a Poison Pill strategy, Musk has revealed them to be more interested in maintaining Twitter as a social control response engine rather than as a public company with a responsibility to shareholders. …

Twitter’s Board — apart from the departing Jack Dorsey — are political control types rather than owners:

The Board’s economic interests are simply not aligned with shareholders. The point is not to make money, but to control politics.

[Musk]’s performed one of the greatest public services in recent memory exposing the lengths to which Davos et.al. are willing to go to maintain their power. Because that’s what mass media to them is, a conduit of their power.

This goes far beyond Twitter’s obvious censorship and editorial bias. …

He’s also exposed just how seductive the power Twitter wields is to the people who work there. The histrionics of the employees, treating Musk’s offer like Armageddon itself, tells you they see Twitter as their personal Skinner Box to shock people into submission to their warped and solipsistic worldview.



This is the true face of stakeholder capitalism. It’s the future they have planned for us through ESG, no different really than the tyranny of the Human Resources Officer or the Compliance Officer. …

It’s also yet another example of just how brittle and unstable these control systems are. Because who owns Twitter shouldn’t be this important. But it is.

Elon Musk, however, is one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders, having attended Schwab’s indoctrination session in 2008. Hopefully he has overcome that and will restore free speech to Twitter.

Musk has recently launched a complete takeover attempt of Twitter, offering to buy 100 percent of the company at $54.20 a share (US$43b).

The left’s hypocrisy is on full display:


Twitter has metamorphosed from what was claimed to be a free-speech platform to a self-appointed ministry of truth for the nostrums of the ruling class. Debates about COVID risk, vaccine effectiveness, the effectiveness of various treatments, and whether boys can force us to call them girls or vice versa are suppressed through outright bans or death by pseudo-fact-check, and always with a thumb on the scale pulling to the left.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Stephen Neil