The Lying Media’s Ukraine Propaganda

The Lying Media’s Ukraine Propaganda. By Vasko Kohlmayer.

The Ukraine narrative bears all the hallmarks of another coordinated misinformation campaign. Those who are falling for it need to ask themselves why they should trust anything put out by our thoroughly corrupt corporate media given their consistent record of lying, distortion, and all-around treachery. …

Exhibit A:

Do you remember the Russian collusion scandal? They accused Donald Trump of partnering with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. None of it turned out to be even remotely true, yet they fanned the flames of this fake story for years. It turns out that it was actually Hillary Clinton’s campaign was behind this completely false tale. To date the media has issued no correction or apology.

Exhibit B:

Do you remember the media’s claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a product of the Russian disinformation campaign? They ran this false story even though they knew were very well that the drive was genuine, since it had been carefully authenticated by the New York Post which first reported on the story. The New York Post made authentication evidence available for everyone to see. The mainstream media, however, chose to look the other way. Instead, they solicited the help of fifty-one unscrupulous FBI, CIA and national security operatives who falsely implied that the hard drive was a product Russian disinformation.

Needlessly, to say it is now widely acknowledged that the hard drive is genuine, a fact which has been noted even by such hyper partisan outfits as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The refusal of the media to report on the hard drive with the collaboration of national security operatives constituted great treachery, since the hard drive contained extensive evidence of the criminality on the part of the Biden family. …

Exhibit C:

Do you remember the stories about Covid and the vaccines? Do you remember the narrative that the vaccines were 95 percent effective and perfectly safe? Do you remember the claim that if you get the vaccine, you will not get Covid?

Do you remember the claim of “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”?

Do you remember the story of Dr. Fauci as a selfless public servant who only cares about public health? (See Robert Kennedy’s book here for a dose of truth on this one.)

Well, all of it turned out to be lies. It was all fake stories and disinformation propaganda from beginning to end.

The media:

We could go on and on and on. But this should suffice to show what those who work for the corporate media are all about.

These people are professional liars and gaslighters. They are some of the most hardened deceivers around. They lie into the public’s eyes with a straight face. They are subverters of reality who run constant interference against truth. They are perjurers devoid of conscience.

How can, then, anybody trust what they say? Given their record, it is safe to assume that the truth is one-hundred-and-eighty-degree opposite of what they claim.

Do you remember their recent heroes? They were people like George Floyd and Joe Biden.

Do you remember how they cried with joy at CNN when they saw Joe Biden being inaugurated even though they knew what a corrupt person he was?

Today the same people who lionized George Floyd – who, as a matter of record, was a career criminal, drug addict and porn actor – lionize Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Don’t you think there is something suspicious about this?

When someone becomes the darling of the progressive woke left and is lionized by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the gaslighting media, we should immediately doubt the story.

And yet so many good people have fallen for it. The inability of the public to learn from the media’s glaring record of mendacity is truly mind-boggling.

They will continue lying to us until it now longer works. We need more anti-narrative sites like this one.