Support for Democrats is sinking like a rock across all demographics

Support for Democrats is sinking like a rock across all demographics. By Fuzzy Slippers.

All groups but college educated women are swinging right now in the US. Is that because the far-left regime of Biden and co. is dominated by feminists, expressing policies desired by college educated women but no one else? Just maybe?



And the big one:


One of the original prognosticators of the “Demographics is Destiny” for Democrats, Ruy Teixeira, has been sounding the alarm for Democrats that they completely misplayed the hand he assessed back in 2002 when he predicted that shifting demographics, including massive illegal immigration, would result in a perpetual Democrat majority for decades to come.



Demographics may be destiny, but it’s not the one the Democrats were betting on. Their entire identity-politics strategy of the last three decades is misguided and failing. It’s collapsing in predictable ways, as they try to organize people by skin color and sex rather than by political preferences. What fools. Too bad they wrecked race and sex relations in the US and much of the western world while they grabbed for power.