Ruling Class Double Standards Unfair to Australian Men

Ruling Class Double Standards Unfair to Australian Men. By Bettina Arndt.

Imagine a sexual encounter involving a woman shagging a man, sitting on top of him, bouncing cheerfully. How could she be a rape victim? …

The settlement came at the end of a five-year ordeal for the man — I’ll call him ‘Peter’ — after his former wife, a medical specialist, told police he had raped her a few weeks after the couple had split up in 2015. The marriage fell apart when Peter discovered she was having an affair, but the couple then had a brief reconciliation which culminated in consensual sex on the day in question.

Two months later Peter was arrested and charged with sexual assault and violence when he returned from a work trip to Europe. He spent a month in prison and over $350,000 in legal costs before the allegations were thrown out after a 10-day jury trial.

Peter had installed video cameras that recorded the whole encounter, giving a lie to the wife’s allegation that he had jumped her immediately following her arrival at the former marital home. The cameras showed them fully dressed for almost an hour prior to the consensual sex which featured the woman in flagrante delicto, sitting riding him on the couch. …

The doctor has suffered no adverse consequences for her malicious lies. Peter’s efforts to have her charged with perjury have received persistent knock-backs from police, the DPP, and other relevant complaints bodies. …

His ex-wife is still out there, despite her allegations having cost taxpayers a fortune — well over $200,000 for the trial alone, plus Peter’s settlement, let alone the years of police and prosecutors’ time. …

The policy problem and the ruling class prejudice:

Women accusing men of rape or violence have absolute license to perjure themselves in our courts and concoct elaborate mistruths which, even if proved false, will very rarely bear any adverse consequences. 

The official policy of our police and prosecutors is that women can lie with impunity. This week I canvased police officers across the country who all reported they are told never to take action against a woman caught out making false violence or rape allegations, lest punishment of false accusers deters genuine victims from coming forward.

That’s the mantra making a mockery of our rule of law. Undermining our justice system. Encouraging women to play fast and loose with the truth.

Look what happened in our family court system, where false allegations have long been rampant. The Howard Government made a noble effort to impose penalties aimed at reining them in, only to have their reforms rolled back by Labor’s mean girls as soon as they gained power. … By 2011 Julia Gillard’s team had changed the legislation to ensure there were no longer any consequences for perjury.

One rule for all? Justice? Not for founding members of the ruling class coalition of identity groups — the feminists.

Selective enforcement by the administrative state, backed up by the left’s legislation. Burn it down.