The Woke Revolution May Be Nearly Over

The Woke Revolution May Be Nearly Over. By Edward Dutton.

Although Generation Z is indeed strongly Leftist, … a sub-section of it, a greater sub-section than among Millennials, appears to be reacting against Wokeness. …

Britain’s large-scale YouGov poll has found that, as a rule, the younger people are, the more liberal they tend to be. However, this is not the case with those aged 18, when interviewed in 2020. This cohort is as liberal as people who are 40 years old. Conservatism tends to increase with age …  There seems to be a fundamental shift occurring, consistent with the long-term breeding model for right-wing traits, finally beginning to bear fruit among the “Zoomer” generation. …

The key predictors of fertility in [America’s General Social Survey] are conservatism and religiousness, and these appear to be as much as 70% a matter of genetics. In addition, when you control for intelligence, something which negatively predicts fertility, then conservatism and religiousness are the overwhelming predictors of fertility. …

We are in the winter of our civilization:

Studies, by Haidt and his team, indicate that “conservatives” value all five foundations equally. Liberals only value the individualizing foundations. Accordingly, there is asymmetric empathy between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives sympathize with liberals but liberals do not sympathize with conservatives. The result is that, across history, culture always moves leftwards, until society is so polarized, group unity is so weak, and so many people are so dysphoric, that there is a right-wing backlash.

We examine in the book how this “runaway individualism” may have occurred: due to weakening Darwinian selection pressures towards group-orientation and due to increasing luxury and thus decreasing levels of intergroup conflict, we have become more individualist. However, our individualist culture is indoctrinating people to be materialists and to not have children. This is a new “crucible of evolution,” which will select for those who genetically strongly desire children. And these are the extremely religious and extremely conservative.

So, a backlash is extremely likely, though it will be a backlash in a context of societal collapse, due to collapsing average IQ. …

And wokeness is on the way out, because wokeness undermines the very condition that allows it to develop:

No country with an IQ of below 95 — with the exception of Ireland, due to British influence — has even gone seriously Woke, possibly due to low IQ people being too, in effect, unable to reason away their instincts.

And, furthermore, Wokeness is not static. It is evolving, seemingly into a kind of ethno-nationalism for non-whites living in Western countries. This could evoke a nationalist reaction from the “natives” and appears to already be doing so via mass protests that are, really, about displacement.

We have been at similar points in history to this before. It will not go on forever or even for a very long time. There will be a right-wing backlash and, eventually, we predict, an extreme right-wing backlash as polities start to break-up.

Remember, this happened with Rome, where civilization was preserved only in Byzantium. As our civilization collapses, it will be preserved only in a few dotted religious, conservative neo-Byzantiums.

Not that you are allowed to think anything along these lines by our increasingly woke censors. Some things must go unnoticed, even if they are critical.