David Archibald is Running For Parliament

David Archibald is Running For Parliament. Prolific author here at the Wentworth Report, David Archibald, is running for the seat of Curtin, in Perth Western Australia, at the next Federal election — which will be in the second half of May.

Here is his article on the Wentworth Report explaining why he is running, and what polities he intends to pursue. His campaign website is here.

The Australian population hasn’t been conned by the climate nonsense. In a recent Institute of Public Affairs survey, 42% said that they wanted to spend nothing at all in getting to net zero. Another 30% said that might spend up to $1 per week.

A clear majority of Australians doesn’t want to trash the economy in chasing a figment of the imagination. I speak for that majority. Thus I am standing for Curtin, because nobody else will speak for the majority of Australians.

While we are on the subject of climate, a prediction I made 15 years ago has come to pass. The Sun has entered a period of much lower activity, and as it is energy from the Sun that stops the Earth from looking like Pluto, the Earth will become colder. The Earth’s temperature peaked in 2016 and is now in a downtrend. …

When we get rid of all the carbon nonsense in our legislation, then we can proceed to fix a big, real problem that is coming at us fast. Australia has only 21 days of diesel supply in stock. Anything that will interrupt the shuttle of tankers to these shores, such as the military base China has negotiated in the Solomons, will cripple our economy in a couple of weeks. People will start starving because food distribution will break down.

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