Elon Musk restoring free speech to Twitter would be a threat to the people in charge

Elon Musk restoring free speech to Twitter would be a threat to the people in charge. By Tucker Carlson.

Censorship is essentially the hallmark of neoliberalism. Have you noticed that? Our leaders seem to spend a lot more time trying to control what we say and think than trying to improve our country and that means that anyone who orders the wrong words, even accidentally, gets fired or banned or ostracized or even charged with a crime. …

Censorship now defines America’s public conversation.

Why are the authorities suddenly so intent on controlling our words? Why are they so afraid of free speech? This is a new thing and the answer is pretty simple. It’s an act of self-preservation.

If voters were allowed to think for themselves, the entire system would teeter and possibly collapse. Sound like an overstatement? OK. Consider the ideas of the people in power used to justify their power and the rule over you. Here are some of their slogans, not one of which you’re allowed to disagree with:

  • “America is a racist country.”
  • “White supremacy is our biggest threat.”
  • “January 6th was a coup.”
  • “Ukraine is a vitally important ally.”
  • “Gender is a social construct.”
  • “Climate change is an existential crisis.”
  • “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

And so on.

These phrases are so common now that you might not even think about them anymore. You hear Biden or Pelosi repeat them for the fifth time in a single day and you just start to go numb, but take a break from the numbness, pause and think about it.

Consider each of these slogans on its merit. Are the words actually true? Do they correspond to reality? Observed reality? No, they don’t. None of them do. In fact, they’re ridiculous.

They’re laughable and that would be very obvious to all of us if we were allowed to think about it, but we’re not allowed to think about it.

Effectively, all rational scrutiny of the regime’s claims have been banned with the help of so-called news organizations. Our social media platforms, which once promised to give every American a voice, now function like the North Korean State News Agency. They’re organs of propaganda. This crept up on us and it caught a lot of people by surprise, particularly conservatives.

Conservatives were taught from a very young age to support big business because big business was a bulwark against government overreach and that made sense and it was true for quite a while, but very few imagine what it would look like if big business harnessed monopoly power and then joined that power with government power to strip us of our constitutional rights.

Again, this happened incrementally, but now it’s here. So these aren’t really free market companies. They resemble repressive governments. They’re too big. They’re too powerful for you to do anything about. You can’t resist. So, if you want to talk in public in 2022, you have to submit to their censorship. …

Elon Musk just bought 10% of Twitter, but will fail.

Elon Musk, who’s the head of Tesla and SpaceX, famously a billionaire, just announced he has bought an almost 10% stake in Twitter. That makes him the largest shareholder of Twitter. So why does this matter? Well, because Twitter matters, whether you want it to or not. Twitter is hardly the largest social media platform, but Twitter sets the tone for all news coverage, for all information.

Twitter is where a professional class goes to learn which opinions are acceptable and which are forbidden and the effect is obvious to everybody. If our public conversation suddenly seems stilted and one-sided, it is because in part Twitter itself is so stilted and so one-sided. Anyone who dares express a heterodox opinion, even if it’s true, gets banned. …

This is not a business transaction. It’s much bigger than that. Elon Musk is a massive threat to the way things are. So, by definition, it will not be long before they are calling him a racist. You can mark your calendar, Tonight, there are Democratic operatives studying everything Elon Musk has ever said in public. They’re preparing one of the nastiest campaigns of character assassination in memory. They have no choice but to do this.

Restoring free speech to Twitter is the greatest possible threat to the people in charge. They have to control the information. If they don’t, they fall. So, you’re going to be hearing a lot about Elon Musk in coming days, and all of it will be negative.

To the extent that Musk reforms Twitter, the left — the ruling class and all their professional helpers in the media, bureaucracy, academia, etc — will move to another platform. Twitter will become a pariah in their eyes. No way are they going to have a discussion with their opponents (or should I say victims?).

hat-tip Stephen Neil