Fundamental Democratic Lunacy

Fundamental Democratic Lunacy. By Pierce Evans.

What if our civilisation held a deeply-rooted, axiomatic folly that pervaded all political thought, establishment or not? It exists: Democracy.

I hold that Monarchy is the best. Or least-worst, since all man’s governments are made of man, and inherit his inherent flaws. The question is what least exacerbates them. This question is missing from utopian ideas of Democracy, which idealistically try to defeat man’s flaws, by giving control to more men.

Holding one person in charge and thus accountable:

Parliament is far more bellicose than a King, as Prussian General Moltke observed, because the bloodthistiest minister can always claim he was just following the rest. He has no individual culpability. A King has no such excuse, he decided himself and bears responsibility himself; he will be cautious. Even if a democratic system elects a head, a president or prime minister, he can still claim he followed parliament, or the will of the voters who put him there.

A multitude of rulers disperses both blame and power, and dispersing just power without blame is impossible, hence, democracy always lacks culpability. It is still good to have a system to check a King’s sillier choices, but it must remain that, a check, rather than a maker of its own foolish decisions.

Voting is often rigged, leaving a cabal of unaccountable bureaucrats always in charge. And those who are elected are left owing favors:

You can rig voting, and as modern politics proves, voters too. Or candidates. Vote-rigging is most obvious, and where I might sneak in a line about 2020. And an accusation doesn’t even need truth: it mars the government either way. Voter rigging is via propaganda, which any Wentworth Report reader already knows to pervade modern society. Candidates are rigged by controlling who runs, by backroom negotiations of party-bureaucrats who gatekeep candidacy.

Candidates need support, an awful lot. From voters, who are bribed with taxmoney from fellow citizens; from the media, for attention and propaganda; from plutocrats for funds to campaign and bribe the correct people; and just in case an honest politician slips through all that: from other politicians, who may not want an honest man to expose corruption, and who may owe favours to likeminded political friends.

Utmost focus on public image renders unpopular-but-needed policies politically untenable; and stupid policies with good optics, essential. The public eye is fickle, and this causes the biggest fault of democracy’s many, which is the chronic overfocus on the short term. The election is now, your policies must work now, not in thirty years, and if you mess up the future, who cares? You’re out then, for a cushy job some lobbyist promised you if you’d just pass a couple laws.

Democracy gives us the appearance of control, but we grow out of that fairy tale eventually:

Subverted democracy is the most dangerous governmental form. The people will not revolt when they think tyranny can be voted out.

Eternal propaganda will be the lifeblood of any subverted democracy, it will be intense and nonstop, to make any opposition quiet, disorganised and demoralised.

Voting is a safety valve for righteous rage, protecting those who are really in charge. Democracy encourages public governmental participation, hence the painstaking brainwashing that produces totalitarianism harsher than any tyrant-king could dream of.

This is a very cut-down essay; I could fill twenty more pages on why democracy is a utopian ideal that ignores human nature and runs aground on reality. The same could be said of communism, though the commies ignore reality so thoroughly that they can hardly play pretend as democracy does.

Democracy in the West has evolved into a covert oligarchy of bureaucrats and their big-government allies, the permanent administrative state. The Trump presidency revealed what happens when a president unfriendly to their power is elected — no real changes were permitted, and he was ejected by any means possible as soon as possible.

Now, if Trump had been king…