Teacher says 20 of 32 fourth-grade students have ‘come out’ to her as ‘LGBTQIA+’

Teacher says 20 of 32 fourth-grade students have ‘come out’ to her as ‘LGBTQIA+’. By Emily Mangiaracina.

An Austin, Texas school teacher said that of the 32 fourth-grade students in her class, 20 have “come out” to her as “LGBTQIA+,” according to a leaked internal school message. …

One Twitter commentator expressed concern that this teacher’s students will suffer for years to come from confusion about their sexual orientation or gender identity: “All of the poor kids will now need counseling and will spend their middle school years more confused than ever. As a parent, I would be LIVID. I hope parents sue and have the teacher fired.”

A Newsweek report from October 2021 claimed that nearly 40 percent of U.S. young adults ages 18-24 identify as LGBTQ, as compared with 30 percent of Millennials, which was in turn “more than three times” the amount who self-identified as LGBTQ in the rest of the adult population.

If the Austin elementary school teacher is correct, then 62.5 percent of her students are “LGBTQIA+.”

Students trying to please a charismatic teacher.


Even with their narrative control, it’s going to be hard for the left to shake the tag of “groomer”. It’s too toxic and too accurate. The Democrats will become known as the “party of the groomers” — ouch!