People Are Getting Tired of One-Way Tolerance

People Are Getting Tired of One-Way Tolerance. By Kurt Schlichter.

There was a time not long ago when even the most based conservative was willing to live and let live with all manner of divergent and bizarre people, but live and let live has become “I live and you submit” and that’s just not going to work out in the long run. The tolerant have been rewarded for their tolerance with intolerance, and if you look, you can already see the backlash brewing.

The breaking point may have been when the man who won the women’s swimming championship and all the smart, moral people of our garbage elite demanded we celebrate it. Or it might be weirdos trying to chat up our kindergarteners about sex. Or it might be CRT. Regardless, people are getting fed up. There’s a difference between living your life as you wish and making the rest of us live their lives as you wish too, especially when it’s a lie or when it means some freak gets to groom our kids.

Tolerance is good, but tolerance only works if it goes both ways. And that’s not happening anymore. …

Cultural aggressions like CRT are bad, but it’s the gender insanity that has really become intolerable. Tolerance has given way to intolerance in return, and the pushback is coming …

People are getting angry, angry not because some other people are odd but because some other people have played on most folks’ inherent kindness and desire not to add to troubled souls’ pain. You feel you’re a girl, Brian? Does wearing a dress and being called “Shelly” ease your pain? Hey, we wish you well. Do your thing. We’ll do our thing.

Except we don’t get to do our thing anymore.

Suddenly, girls who worked for years to be the very best swimmers end up with consolation prizes because some dude who couldn’t cut it among the boys decided he was a girl, and the organizations that are supposed to promote and protect the girls…won’t. They’re too afraid of offending the people backing the faux-femme who also allegedly cruises around the gal’s locker room with full-on man-junk. … And when people protest this nonsense, they are faced with vicious attacks and the loss of their dreams or even their livelihoods …

People feel betrayed. They really expected tolerance to go both ways.

Normal folks extended tolerance to all manner of different people and it never occurred to them that they would experience bigotry in return. The idea of tolerance is, at its core, a good one. But everyone has got to be tolerant, and everyone has got to be cool.

What’s happening now is distinctly uncool. And people are tired of it.

Well said. Too bad the virtue signalers won’t read it and won’t listen.