Democrats and the media are lying about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill

Democrats and the media are lying about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. By Tucker Carlson (video at the link).

Notice how trans followed on seamlessly from gay marriage? It’s all about bureaucracy and jobs for the left activists:

For decades and decades, the Human Rights Campaign has been, by far, the most powerful gay rights lobby in Washington. … For most of that time, HRC’s central goal, and they said it many times, was winning the right of gay people to get legally married.

Then, in the summer of 2015, they finally succeeded. They reached their goal. The Supreme Court issued a decision in a case called Obergefell vs. Hodges and overnight, all 50 states were required by law to recognize same-sex marriage.

So, for the Human Rights Campaign, this should have been a moment of unbridled celebration, a dream come true, but it wasn’t. It was a crisis and if you don’t understand why it was a crisis, then you don’t live in Washington surrounded by non-profits.

So, by this point, the Human Rights Campaign had evolved from a scrappy little lobby into a prominent arm of the Democratic Party. It had a huge annual budget and an enormous headquarters building right 17th Street downtown. So, the Human Rights Campaign may have outlived its reason for existing. On the other hand, it couldn’t just disappear. There was a party to help, but there was a fundraising problem. Why would you give money to a group whose purpose has become obsolete? That was the dilemma and they’re not the first.

The Women’s Christian Temperance Union faced the same problem after prohibition passed in 1919 and you don’t hear a lot about the Women’s Christian Temperance Union anymore. HRC desperately hoped to avoid that fate and here’s the point of this story: Amazingly, through clever rebranding, they did avoid that fate.

So, in 2014, just before gay marriage became law, HRC’s annual budget was about $57 million. That’s a lot. But, by 2021 last year, that same budget had expanded to $65 million. In other words, seven years after reaching its stated goal, its reason for existing, the Human Rights Campaign was raising even more money, a lot more money. It’s like magic. How did they do that?

Well, they did it by changing their mission. So, immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage, HRC began aggressively promoting the idea that the so-called transgender community was being gravely oppressed by American society, by you, and needed their help. In other words, all good people needed to send more money to HRC right away to help the transgender community.

So, the Human Rights Campaign’s 2014 annual report, which we read today, barely mentions the word transgender. There’s no reference at all of any kind to the idea that a person can change his sex just by wishing it so. That was during Barack Obama’s second term, but even then, that seemed like a pretty farfetched claim, but not anymore. It’s at the center of our national conversation and at the center of the Human Rights Campaign.

Their annual report this year promotes transgenderism on virtually every single page. There’s a long write up on the organization’s transgender justice initiative and a prominently displayed photograph of Joe Biden’s latest admiral, Rachel Levine. So, the rebranding worked terrifically. HRC now raises millions and millions from companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, Morgan Stanley, etc, every power center in the American economy, all of which fully support now the transgender project.

So, if you’re wondering why the moment that same-sex marriage became legal in the United States, at that exact moment, your kids’ teachers began to deny the reality of biological sex, now you know why. It was all part of a fundraising campaign from Washington. If you’ve ever felt you’re caught in the middle of somebody else’s fundraising campaign, guess what? You are.

And as a result of that fundraising campaign, here’s what elementary schools look like now.

PRESCHOOL TEACHER: This has been my first year in preschool with a class of my own. We’ve been talking about gender and skin color and consent and empathy and our bodies and autonomy. It’s been fabulous.

ELEMENTARY TEACHER: I teach my elementary school students about gender identity. Some people are girls, some are boys, some are both, some are neither.

CALIFORNIA TEACHER: I tell this kid, “We do have a flag in the class that you can pledge your allegiance to” and he, like, looks around. He goes,” Oh, that one?”



So, every emotionally marginal young woman with a nose ring now teaches at your kid’s school. “I teach my elementary school students about gender identity,” said one on TikTok, of course.



So how is a parent supposed to respond to this? We learned this weekend if someone tells an insulting joke about your wife, you’re now allowed to smash them in the face and you get an award for it.

So, what are you allowed to do if some unionized teacher starts talking to your six-year-old about her genitals? Well, nothing is the answer, not one thing. You’re not allowed to do anything. You have to sit back and allow that abuse to continue. Then you have to allow the medical establishment to profit from that abuse.

As for Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education Bill, read about it at the link.

The trans campaign started because the left activists achieved gay marriage. So, if they achieve equality for trans people, they will then have to move onto a new grievance — which can only be more outrageous, or the would already be doing it, instead of trans.

To get rid of the trans nonsense, we therefore need to repeal gay marriage.