What is a Woman? Supreme Court Nominee Cannot Answer

What is a Woman? Supreme Court Nominee Cannot Answer. By Tucker Carlson.

In the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee asked Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Jackson, what should have been the easiest question ever posed. Can you define what a woman is? …

“A woman,” Jackson might have said, looking incredulous, “That’s simple. A woman is a human being with two X chromosomes. Ask any geneticist. It’s detectable in a blood test, but if you’re still confused by what a woman is, you can ask a doctor. Women have wider pelvises and different bone structures from men, not to mention very different genitalia. It’s usually pretty obvious that women, just by looking at them, women are built differently because their bodies are designed to do different things. Nature is real. Women, menstruate. Women give birth and then breastfeed. Men do not do these things because they can’t. Not a single man in all human history has ever had his period or delivered a baby and I know this, senator, because I’m a woman myself. In fact, that’s why I’m here. Joe Biden nominated me to the Supreme Court because I am female, and he has said so himself many times. The president knows exactly what a woman is. If he didn’t know, he wouldn’t have picked me, obviously. So please, Senator Blackburn, do not waste my time. With all respect, that is an incredibly stupid question.”

Imagine if she said that, what an answer that would have been. Do you know a single person wouldn’t have cheered? We would have. Honesty is a wonderful thing to watch, no matter where it comes from, but that is not what Ketanji Jackson said. Here was her actual answer:

MARSHA BLACKBURN: Can you provide a definition for the word “woman”?

KETANJI BROWN JACKSON: Can I provide a definition? No.




KETANJI BROWN JACKSON: Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.

“Oh, I’m not a biologist.” You following this? So, only a biologist is allowed to tell you what a woman is … Not that would make any difference if she were a biologist because no one the Democratic Party cares what biologists think about biological sex. Biologists have been banned along with a lady who writes Harry Potter novels.

In 2022, the power of science and literature crumble in the face of the trans lobby. … Oh, we see how this works.

Hey, Ketanji Jackson, is it raining? I don’t know. I’m not a meteorologist.

How would you respond to someone who said something like that? You’d probably give up and find someone else to talk to. That person was not capable of conversation. So, last night we said we wanted to see Ketanji Jackson’s LSAT scores. That’s no longer necessary. We can say with certainty she is clearly a sub genius and probably shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.

What’s a woman? Definitely the most revealing question ever asked in a Senate confirmation hearing and one of the many things it reveals is how utterly the Democratic Party as an institution has changed in just four years.

It’s a mile marker that tells us the evolution of the party. So, during the last Supreme Court nomination, you’ll remember, we were commanded to believe that all women must be believed regardless of whether or not they were telling the truth. They’re women, therefore in the name of social justice, you must accept whatever they say at face value. A woman’s word is like a sworn affidavit. You can take it to the bank. …

In 2019, it was “a sham and a disgrace” to doubt a woman’s word because, by the virtue of their biology, women did not lie. That’s what it was to be a woman — utterly truthful all the time. Joe Biden agreed with this. Women were very different from men inherently. He told us so and that’s why you weren’t allowed to hit them. …

She renders much federal law meaningless:

If we can’t say for certain who’s a woman, how are we going to enforce Joe Biden’s famous Violence Against Women Act? Why do we have such an act? Who would care? How can we set aside a huge percentage of federal contracts for women-owned companies if we don’t know what a woman is? Oh, I guess that scam is going to have to end tomorrow because it no longer makes any sense and, by the way, how is sexism even a meaningful category in a world in which sex has no meaning? Well, it’s not. Why have Title IX, which bans sex discrimination in schools? If we don’t have biological sex, how can we have discrimination on the basis of biological sex? Thinking this through?

The Trump administration thought it through. Actually, they saw this coming. We should tell you that. The Trump White House tried to preserve Title IX by arguing that the concept of sex as defined in that law derives from biology, not from how you’re feeling about your personal identity on any particular day. That’s the case they made. In response to that, they were denounced right-wing lunatics. The ACLU declared that, “The Trump administration is trying to erase trans people.”

Really? Maybe it was bigger than that. Now, the Biden administration is in charge of everything, and in less than a year, the worst, most fervent predictions have come entirely true.

Female athletes are losing NCAA championships to men dressing up as women in order to cheat their way to victory. Every person in America sees this happening. Very few are brave enough to say a word about it ...

The point of the trans movement isn’t to convince anyone that biology isn’t real. They’re not even trying. That’s an impossible case to make. You would sound ridiculous if you tried to articulate that, much less explain it.

Lia Thomas as she appeared on NBC recently after airbrushing (left), and as snapped by the photographer (right)

The point of this exercise is very different. The point is to make the rest of us repeat a lie, to say something we know perfectly well is not true. “Yes, Lia Thomas is a proud, beautiful woman who won the swim meet because she practiced harder than the other girls. Lia Thomas deserved to win. Her victory wasn’t cheating and no, I don’t notice her bulging swimsuit. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

This isn’t about trans people. It’s about all of us and the stakes are very high and that’s why the censorship is so intense. Have you noticed? Our national conversation about transgenderism is completely defined by censorship, by making you shut up, not allowing you to notice the obvious is why they’re doing it. There’s no attempt to persuade you. There’s no fact-based argument. …

Their first move always is censorship and their second move, inevitably, is punishment.