Cancelling Cancel Culture: When Being Anti-Woke is a Selling Point

Cancelling Cancel Culture: When Being Anti-Woke is a Selling Point. By Joanne Nova.

Harry’s Razors capitulated a year ago and pulled advertising from the DailyWire, and then attacked them and their audience.

But Jeremy Boreing, CEO of DailyWire, didn’t apologize, and didn’t change his views; instead he set up his own razor company and is launching it now with 100%-testosterone advertising.

It’s Time To Win — Introducing: Jeremy’s Razors. By Jeremy Boreing himself.

Corporate America wants it both ways — they want conservatives to buy their goods and services — but they also want to virtue signal to the woke mob and their 23-year-old employees by publicly repudiating those same conservative customers. …

Harry’s said our views — in this case, that gender dysphoria is a mental illness — were “inexcusable.” They said it publicly, showing the whole world how pure they are, and also signaling to our other advertisers that the only excusable thing to do is to also cancel us. It’s a direct attack on our business, and a direct attack on our audience.

So what are we to do?

Well, what conservatives have been doing for years is lose. We take the L. We get a little poorer. We hire fewer people. It gets a little harder to make our shows profitable. And we bitch. Oh, how we complain. The Left is terrible. It’s cancel culture. They’re trying to silence us! And then we beg. For donations, mostly. Stand up to the censorious Left, we shout, by sending us your money. And what you get for that money is… Well, more losing, more bitching, and more begging.

As far as actual action, at most, we rally for a good old fashioned boycott. This costs the offending company in question virtually nothing and is over in virtually no time. Of course it is, because in the end, we need their products. Nike may endorse Colin Kaepernick, but we still need shoes. Hollywood may sucker punch us, but we still need entertainment. Harry’s may call us inexcusable, but we still need a good shave.

Well, I’m tired of losing. I want to win. I want to create culture. And I want to have a freaking good time doing it, because losing… Losing sucks.

That’s why, today, The Daily Wire is launching Jeremy’s Razors, a direct competitor to Harry’s where people with inexcusable values like mine can get a great razor without giving their money to people who clearly hate them. …

The Left is happy to bifurcate the culture, ripping it in two. They’re convinced there will be no economic consequences for this because, as I said, you need their products.

So, to win, we have to rip the economy in two. We have to give conservatives their own companies and their own products to buy. We have to build market alternatives that, in success, will force the Left to take real losses if they don’t compete directly for our business.

We wish him well in his business!