The left’s long focus on antiwhiteness

The left’s long focus on antiwhiteness. By David Cole.

In my early 30s … I dated a Dominican woman who had an 11-year-old daughter. The absentee father was white. …

Programming tomorrow’s ruling class:

The girl was attending one of the most exclusive private academies in L.A. — the Oaks School in Hollywood. It was spring 1999. And the most brutal lesson I learned from helping this girl with her homework was that the school’s history curriculum was blatantly antiwhite. One evening, as I was assisting her with a lesson about America’s founding, she started weeping about how ashamed she was of her white ancestry. Because the lesson plan was basically “Genocidal whites slaughtered Injuns, ate their scalps, and raped their women.”

This was an “elite” school. Parents paid for this.

I did my best to give the child some perspective, to counter the propaganda. But I knew that most of the kids in her class were being fed this hateful crap with no guidance at home to balance it out.

I’m telling this story to make a point: Leftist antiwhites have patience and focus. They have an agenda, and they put in the time to fulfill it. In 1999 none of the antiwhites were working their mischief in order to score social media cred. There was no social media. They weren’t doing it to win office or get on MSNBC; in 1999 Democrats still publicly eschewed antiwhiteness and MSNBC was still relatively balanced ideologically.

In 1999 the antiwhites were doing it for the sake of it. Quietly, to achieve a long-term goal.

The right needs to develop the same long term focus and patience:

Focus? Patience? These are foreign words to certain rightists, the ones who love quick fixes (a.k.a. idiotic ploys) and short-term gratification. They can “focus” about as well as a goldfish. …

In truth, Trump was one of the weakest presidents in history. He couldn’t stand up to his own son-in-law. He couldn’t stand up to the traitors he hired and could fire at his pleasure. He riled up a crowd on 1/6 and went home to watch TV. And did he support any of those people when they were put in solitary like the Unabomber? Of course not.

But he talked tough. Trump’s “mean tweets” warped both ideological poles: Leftists treated them like war crimes, rightists cheered them as substitutes for action.

It’s a fair point about Trump. DeSantis seems to come with the same policies, but with a personality that might get more done in the Washington swamp.