The AHPRA Inquisition Against Australian Health Professionals

The AHPRA Inquisition Against Australian Health Professionals. By Caldron Pool.

Caldron Pool has been informed by people inside the “dissident” medical community that at least 20 doctors nationwide have had their licences summarily cancelled simply for writing vaccine exemptions and many more have either been “investigated”, or are still being “investigated”. …

The moral police at AHPRA are equally determined to purge the ranks of Australia’s health professions of any practitioner who breaks the illusion of complete ideological unanimity by voicing dissent on social media.

John Larter is a lovable and experienced paramedic who took a vocal stand against mandatory vaccination in his industry. AHPRA moved swiftly on him, and Larter told the media that he was not even given an official reason for his suspension when it happened.

Ros Nealon-Cook is a psychologist who took it upon herself to warn Australians on social media of the severe and widespread harm being caused to child development and mental health by prolonged lockdowns. She was instantly suspended for her trouble.

The crime is to disobey the narrative — facts and medical arguments are irrelevant, and no further correspondence will be entered into:

AHPRA has become especially paranoid about the fact that Australian health professionals are organising in resistance to the official, approved, Covid narrative.

The Covid Medical Network was formed in 2020 to provide the public with informed, evidence-based advice concerning lockdowns and other matters, that differs from that of the Government and its bureaucratic instruments. The organisation runs a weekly videoconference that is tuned into by hundreds of Australian health professionals.

In August 2021, the CMN published an open letter titled “First do no harm”. … The CMN’s open letter did not list any authors, so AHPRA went to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and found out the names of the three directors of the CMN. Two were doctors, and their medical licences were immediately suspended.

One of these doctors, Robert Brennan, was given written reasons for his instant termination. AHPRA accused him of spreading “medical misinformation” via the CMN open letter, because: …

The content of both the letter and the video are contrary to NSW public health orders in force at the time and have the potential to undermine public health strategies by potentially influencing medical practitioners and the community not to be vaccinated. …

It is not our role to evaluate the scientific validity of the letter. Our concern is that the letter strongly argued a highly polarised position, contrary to the public health order.

In other words, the position argued by Dr Brennan and the CMN might be scientifically correct, and the position of the Australian Government scientifically incorrect. But as far as AHPRA is concerned, the crime lies in contradicting the Government’s position. The science is irrelevant.


AHPRA has now moved on to demanding that doctors publicly renounce any association with CMN as a condition of retaining their ability to practise. …

It is understood that the Western Australian doctor in question was threatened with suspension, and allowed to retain her licence subject to the conditions listed on the AHPRA website. Not only is she gagged from speaking publicly about any medical topic and forced to toe the “party line” on Covid; she is expected to demonstrate her loyalty to the regime by formally denouncing the heretical organisation CMN. With wording that is to the “satisfaction” of AHPRA. …

Forced public confessions and forced denunciations of enemies of the State. ..

With the sword of AHPRA and instant career destruction hanging over them, the hundreds of Australian medical professionals who are disenchanted with the ruling One Party System have been chased into the shadows, conducting their correspondence and activities in fearful secrecy.

Australian medicine by conformists, for conformists. (And no ivermectin!) Bureaucrats totally rule. Leave leftists in charge and it always evolves to this sort of thing — rule by force by midwit bureaucrats.

I thank my lucky stars I didn’t study medicine (I was accepted, but changed my mind at the last moment).

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