All-cause mortality data renders a verdict on covid versus vaccines

All-cause mortality data renders a verdict on covid versus vaccines. By David Evans.

Given the censorious nature of western bureaucracies who went all-in on vaccines, the only way the good and the harm done by vaccines will ever come to light is in the all-cause mortality statistics.

Counting deaths is taken seriously, and life insurance companies have a strong financial interest in them. Death rates are too hard to hide and obfuscate, at least for now. The media can avoid talking about them, but the statistics are still available (kudos to

Here are the US all-cause mortality stats since the beginning of covid. Let’s start with the 75 to 84 year olds, an age group highly vulnerable to covid, but not so old that many are too frail for vaccines. These people are the prime target for vaccination. We can clearly see the waves of covid and the effect of vaccination:



There were three waves of covid in 2020, culminating just after the election. Then the vaccines started becoming available, and this age group were the early recipients. The vaccines mostly prevented deaths, but only for the honeymoon period of six months or so.

In that widespread honeymoon period, from March to July 2021, death rates dropped back to normal. Hooray! The health authorities thought they had covid beaten, if only everyone would vaccinate.

But by August 2021 many vaccinated folks were dropping out of their honeymoon period and were no longer protected, or maybe even more vulnerable than the unvaccinated. The health bureaucrats apparently weren’t aware that the honeymoon was so short, or that repeated vaccinations possibly weakened the immune system generally, or that the damage from vaccination might be cumulative. The long term effects are largely unknown, and of course there was no testing.

In any case, deaths started rising again in August 2021, and have remained elevated since then, despite vaccine mandates and boosters. Or should that be “because of”?

Let’s look at younger age groups, where covid deaths are fewer (death rates only really start zooming up over 60, but especially over 80). Thus, the effects of the vaccines and other causes can be seen more easily.



People 45 to 64 have a lower death rate normally, so it takes fewer covid deaths to show up as excess deaths. We can see the 2020 covid waves, and the early 2021 vaccine honeymoon.

But look at the period from August 2021, as the vaccine mandates take hold. The death rates are generally higher than the covid deaths of 2020. The excess deaths around peak August 2021 vaccination are over 60%, higher than it ever was for covid alone. For this age group, it appears that the vaccines cause more deaths than they prevent.

Younger still, and the trend is more pronounced:



People 25 to 44 normally die at very low rates, and there were few covid deaths. But the deaths after widespread vaccination around August 2021 outnumber the covid deaths in 2020. Excess deaths peaked at over 80%, just after peak vaccination!

For the young, death by covid wasn’t an issue and vaccines only mildly increased excess deaths:



This might not fit with people’s preconceptions or wishes, but the data is apparently in to March 2022.

Conclusion: For those older than about 65, the vaccines are terrific in the honeymoon period. But once the initial honeymoon is over the harm may be roughly comparable with the good — so far.

For those under about 65, the harm from the vaccines is generally outweighing the good, but not by a huge amount — yet.

Comments: The trends since August 2021 are concerning, and cast doubt on the validity of the  health bureaucracies’ pro-vaccine stances. The vaccines use novel technologies that were never tested. We are living in the first long term trial of these vaccines, in real time, with half the world’s population. Is the risk worth the benefit? The graphs above are not reassuring.

(Note that the US vaccines are mostly mRNA, like in Israel. The UK and Australia have less mRNA and more Astrazeneca. This might prove to be significant.)

UPDATE: The timing of vaccination in the US (thanks Joanne)

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific