Hate-Crime Hoax Criminal Smollett Gets a Slap on the Wrist

Hate-Crime Hoax Criminal Smollett Gets a Slap on the Wrist.

Megan Fox:

Notorious and convicted hate-hoaxer Jussie Smollett has been sentenced today to 150 days in jail, $120,000 in restitution, and a $25,000 fine. Before Smollett was taken away he started yelling, “I am not suicidal! If anything happens to me when I go in there I did not do it to myself.”

“I did not do this,” he continued.

Judge James Linn denied the defense’s motion for a new trial. He also denied the motion to stay the sentence until appeal. “I am not staying this,” said the judge. “This happens right here right now.” Smollett was led out of the court by police with his fist raised in the air.

Judge Linn tore into Smollett during his sentencing and said that for a person with his background in social justice to now be sitting in front of him convicted of faking a hate crime, “the hypocrisy is just astounding.” Judge Linn also denied that this was a crime of impulse and told Smollett that he had premeditated his crime. “You did wake up in the morning thinking you were going to do something bad and wrong,” he said. “You paid them in advance by check. You chose a date, you chose a time, you had props prepared…and then you did rehearsals!”

Judge Linn continued going over every detail of the faked hate crime in painstaking detail. “I repeat,” said the judge after describing the events. “You put the noose around your own neck. You caused great distress throughout the city and the community…that’s why we are here now.

“I thought the jury’s verdict was accurate and correct,” said Judge Linn. He also berated Smollett for using public officials like Kamala Harris and Don Lemon among others to spread his false narrative, saying Smollet has displayed “arrogance, selfishness, and narcissism that’s just disgraceful.”

Stephen Kruiser.

We Americans do love a good true-crime drama. The Jussie Smollett saga looked like it might give us a good story, but, sadly, it turned out to be another judicial dud.

The pathetic hoaxer could have gotten some serious jail time but this all played out in Illinois, where the law is kind of an iffy thing. …

Everyone knows he did it. Everyone knows he’s lying. He knows he’s lying.

The reason that Smollett keeps lying is that he knows hate-crime hoaxes barely get punished. An integral part of the leftist smear campaign against conservatives is the staging of “hate crimes.” It’s gotten to be so routine with the lefties that you’re pretty safe assuming that a “hate crime” that’s being reported widely by the mainstream media isn’t real.

Don’t expect apologies from the usual suspects either:

Truth is not the highest value of lefty activists.