Angry Biden Shouts, ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff,’ Lashes Out at Those Who Blame Him for Inflation

Angry Biden Shouts, ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff,’ Lashes Out at Those Who Blame Him for Inflation. By Robert Spencer.

See that angry old man shouting at you? That’s the President of the United States.

Even in the best of times, Old Joe Biden has never been one to take responsibility for his actions, and these are not the best of times. With the economy in free fall, the Russians on the march in Ukraine, the Southern border a polite fiction, and skyrocketing inflation, Old Joe is in full-throttle finger-pointing mode, blaming everyone he can think of for the catastrophic failure of his administration.

His latest scapegoat: the American people. That’s right, all of us, or at very least those who come to the very sensible and entirely justifiable conclusion that his absurd far-Left policies are responsible for today’s galloping inflation rates.

The primary reason why the Democrats may fare poorly in November is, of course, that Biden’s handlers have made a hash of pretty much everything, and with inflation raging out of control and certain to go higher, Biden had a ready explanation: “Make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of Putin.”

“I’m sick of this stuff!,” the old man shouted (remember: unfocused and unwarranted anger is a sign of dementia). “We have to talk about it because the American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money. Simply. Not. True.” …

What’s happening to the American economy is entirely the fault of the old man who is shouting about how sick and tired he is of people saying it’s his fault and of the bright young Leftists with whom he has filled his administration and who are anxious to seize as much of the fruit of the labors of the American people as they can, so as to finance their various utopian boondoggles.

Glenn Reynolds:

He’s senile and out of touch, but at some level of what’s left of his mind he knows he’s blowing it.

To be precise, it’s not government spending per se that is causing inflation. If all the money spent by government was raised by taxation, it would not be inflationary. Inflation is caused by excessive manufacture of new money. As it happens, that has been done and continues to be done by the Federal Reserve, in order to fund the huge Federal Government deficits. Same diff.


I know there’s a lot going on in the world today, but can we just take a moment to reflect on how crazy it is that the United States House of Representatives just passed a $1.5 TRILLION spending bill that no one has read? …

That piddling, measly $1.5 trillion isn’t the full budget, it’s just through the end of the fiscal year, which is to say September 30. That’s more than Ronald Reagan’s first two budgets for their entire fiscal years combined. …

Here’s how you know that no single human being read all 2,700 pages, because it was unveiled yesterday. Of course, that’s the entire point, so no one can point out the graft and payouts earmarked for political cronies