The woke became crazy warmongers

The woke became crazy warmongers. By Stephen Green.

A radicalized segment of the American Left has gone from being peaceniks to demanding that Biden elevate the Ukraine War to World War III. Witness the insanity from last weekend at [checks notes, nearly goes into shock] the Guggenheim:

It’s one thing when the embattled president of Ukraine asks for a U.S./NATO no-fly zone. It’s quite another when thousands of Americans demand that we start shooting down Russian warplanes.

“The Air-to-Air Missiles of March” doesn’t have quite the same ring as The Guns of August, but the result would be the same. …

Sanctions hurt the Russian people, not Putin and his cronies:

When McDonald’s closes all 850 locations in Russia, does that hurt Putin and the oligarchs? When Coca-Cola stops sales in Russia, who does that hurt? When a Russian mom can’t use her Visa card to buy groceries, that’s not Putin’s concern.

By all means, sanction the ever-loving hell out of Putin and his coterie of thieving cronies. But leave the Russian people alone.

The Russian people are not our enemy. This Ukraine War is the work and decision of just one man: Vlad Putin. But by weaponizing cancel culture against an entire people — while wrecking their domestic economy — we play right into Putin’s propaganda efforts.

The West, he says, wants to destroy Russia. That was never true before, but Biden and the American Left are making it true now. …

Wars of aggression rarely pay off:

Putin’s first mistake was going to war in the first place, even though he likely felt he had no choice.

ASIDE: Can anyone tell me the last time an offensive war ended in victory for the aggressor? The most recent example I can think of is the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. And that one was completely overmatched on our side, fighting to take parts of Mexico that had hardly any Mexicans in them. …

Putin failed to heed the lesson of Grozny: That even a besieged city, cut off from all reinforcement, can hold out for weeks. Kyiv is neither completely under siege nor cut off from reinforcement. …

Putin’s war:

If the war continues going badly for Russia, it ought to be remembered not as the Ukraine War or even the Russo-Ukraine War.

It ought to be called Putin’s War.

The woke have difficulty with categories like men and women. How do you expect them to manage with war and peace?