US Truckers Convoy Makes No Mark: Too Well-Behaved, Media Blackout

US Truckers Convoy Makes No Mark: Too Well-Behaved, Media Blackout. By Rick Moran.

More than a thousand big-rig trucks, pick-ups, SUVs, passenger cars, and motorcycles circled the 64-mile Capital Beltway on Monday to demonstrate their opposition to vaccine mandates and the government’s pandemic policies. …

The convoy was made up of about 130 big rigs and more than a thousand other vehicles. …

There were no traffic jams. The convoy was orderly, almost precision-like in its discipline. The protesters gave the right of way to other vehicles using the highway, staying in the right-hand lane for the entire circuit. It was peaceful.

Peaceful, polite, and ignored.

Organizer Brian Brase said that there were some in the convoy who wanted to take the demonstration into the city. But why play into the hands of people itching to show that the protesters are violent, racist, right-wing extremists? …

Brase and some of the other drivers will meet with Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday about the government’s pandemic response. In truth, the two senators aren’t likely to hear anything they haven’t heard before. But the symbolism was significant given that the rest of Congress has been ignoring the protest.

Like the Australian “Convoy of No Confidence” in 2011, which saw truckers from all over Australia converge on Canberra to protest a carbon tax, they were tricked by the authorities into behaving so nicely that no one cared. The ruling class media hate them, so could ignore them.

Political impact: zero.