Russia going full fascist

Russia going full fascist. By Kamil Galeev.

Let’s discuss what’s happening in Russia. To put it simply, it’s going full fascist.

Authorities launched a propaganda campaign to gain popular support for their invasion of Ukraine and they’re getting lots of it.

You can see “Z” on these guys’ clothes. What does it mean? “Z” is a letter that Russian Military are putting on their vehicles departing to Ukraine. Some interpret “Z” as “Za pobedy” (for victory). Others – as “Zapad” (West). Anyway, this symbol invented just a few days ago became a symbol of new Russian ideology and national identity.

It found a lot of supporters. Many Russians are putting “Z” on their cars – that’s totally voluntary and to my best knowledge nobody’s forcing them.

Business owners put “Z” – showing their support of invasion on their trucks. Here you see a funeral service fully endorsing Z message:

… Here you see terminally ill children from hospice and their parents making a Z formation. Yes, Russians are forcing terminally ill children dying from cancer, and their families to declare their support to Russian invasion of Ukraine.

… Some argue that Russian people don’t support this invasion and this is all Putin’s responsibility. Yes, decision was taken by Putin and was a surprise even for his ministers. But once it was taken, it found huge popular support. People are cheering, they’re proud and enthusiastic …

Putin took a decision to start this war. But he got a wide support of the Russian people. Nobody’s forcing them to participate in these shows of support, they could totally skip it. But they cheer. They cheer, because they feel good, they feel proud. Russia became great again …

Ethnic Russians abroad are cheering, too. Here you Russians in Kazakhstan putting Z on their car, while Russian ballistic missiles level Ukrainian residential districts to the ground. When confronted by Kazakhs, they complain about Russophobia of course.

Meanwhile, Russians are going full Syria mode in Ukraine. That’s how Ukrainian city of Chernihiv looks after the raid of Russian bombers. Residential buildings burnt with all the people who lived there. Debris and corpses lie on what used to be the city streets

The Russian delusion:

[Here’s] a Russian meme from mid-February — paratroopers schedule:

08:00 breakfast
09:00 invasion of Ukraine
12:00 lunch
13:00 capture of Kyiv
18:00 concert

V. Putin.

That’s a meme but it reflected a conviction that Ukrainians wouldn’t fight. That conviction was shared by all sorts of Russian collaborators all around the West. Ukraine is a fake country, it’s a Russian province, of course its people will stop pretending and just kneel the moment first Russian troops enter their country.

Putin shared this belief. That’s why he sent forward the paratroopers. These “legendary” VDV guys aren’t soldiers, they’re glorified riot police. Bullies, promoted and supported by the state. Their entire strategy is to look scary and violent so that people would stop resisting

Surprisingly for them, Ukrainians did open fire. … And after they fought back, Russians had to start mobilising. …

The first echelon of invasion had no idea where they are going and why. Many thought Ukrainians would just surrender and they gonna have a nice foreign vacation. They imagined war like this:

Meanwhile, like in any successful cult, conformism is enforced:

What living in a political fantasy will do to a country. In the West, we are more concerned about the woke fantasy.