Russian Banks to Switch to Chinese Card System after Visa, Mastercard Suspend Operations in Russia

Russian Banks to Switch to Chinese Card System after Visa, Mastercard Suspend Operations in Russia. By Brittany Bernstein.

Multiple Russian banks on Sunday announced plans to begin issuing cards using a Chinese card operator’s system with Russia’s Mir network after Visa and MasterCard pulled out of Russia.

Sberbank, Alfa Bank and Tinkoff all said they would begin using the Chinese UnionPay system, according to Reuters.

The announcement comes one day after Mastercard announced cards issued by Russian banks will no longer be supported by its network, while any Mastercard issued outside the country will not work at Russian stores or ATMs. Visa similarly announced it is working to suspend all transactions in the coming days, over a week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine first began. …

Zelensky asked US lawmakers who asked the credit card companies to turn it off:

The announcements, which were released within minutes of each other, came after U.S. lawmakers held a private video call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who asked the lawmakers to turn off Mastercard and Visa for Russia, according to Representative Brad Sherman (D., Calif.).

Finance is the new weapon in politics.

Asylum seekers and “refugees” were supplied with UN mastercards, 2018.

Robert Spencer:

This action by Visa and MasterCard is also ominous for American conservatives. Allum Bokhari, who covers Big Tech for Breitbart, reported last July that “progressive activists have launched well-funded campaigns aimed at payment processors, and credit card companies, aimed at cutting the political right off from payment and banking services.”

Bokhari also noted that I myself was a victim of this in 2018: “Visa and Mastercard cut off payments to David Horowitz’s Freedom Center. Horowitz later had the service restored, but Islam critic Robert Spencer reported that he too was blacklisted by Mastercard, blaming it on pressure from far-left activists.” Indeed: after a Leftist hate group published an “exposé” about funding of “right-wing” groups, MasterCard cut me off, claiming it had done so because my website featured “illegal content.” That is, content that Leftists don’t like. …

The implications of what is being done are clear. America is at a crossroads today. The choice before us is whether we will continue to exist as a free society, or whether we will become a totalitarian state in which holding the proper opinions is an indispensable prerequisite of being able to function as a citizen at all.

If MasterCard and Visa offer their services only to those with acceptable political opinions, it isn’t just Russia that will ultimately be affected. At risk is the basic and hard-won principle of equality of access to services. When that goes, our other freedoms will swiftly follow.

How can you exist in society if you cannot use the banking system? No internet for you either (you cannot pay for it, see?).

Using cash will become the mark of the outcast. Shops in PC areas will stop accepting cash, as a sign of their moral virtue. (Yes, cash is legal tender and “must” be accepted, but the bureaucracy that enforces the law will look the other way as much as it can. You will be legally correct, but waste half your days trying to buy just the essentials.)

Conversely, having a Visa or Mastercard will be the mark of a conformist, a reward for going along with all the leftist fantasies.