China’s Curated Internet Fully On Russia’s Side

China’s Curated Internet Fully On Russia’s Side. By Will Glasgow.

Chinese keyboard warriors have cleared the shelves of Russia’s flagship online store in China, buying chocolate-covered caramel lollies to show their defiance of the “US imperialist” sanctions put on Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Sergei Baitsev, the commercial ambassador of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Wednesday expressed his country’s gratitude as the waiting list for products sold by the Russian’s state-backed online “national pavilion” grew to the tens of thousands. …

In much of the world, Russia has become a pariah state for its unprovoked invasion of its smaller neighbour Ukraine. The conflict is portrayed completely differently in China. Guided by Beijing’s propaganda department, the sentiment on China’s curated internet is overwhelmingly pro-Putin and anti-American.

China’s government has claimed the US is the “culprit” for the war because of its European alliance network, a view widely shared by Chinese internet users.

Many denounce the Ukrainian army as “fascists”, echoing Russian propaganda. Beijing has also repeatedly denounced what it calls “illegal unilateral sanctions” while defending its economic support of Russia. “China and Russia will continue to conduct normal trade co-operation in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit,” said foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Wednesday. …

While China’s government claims to be taking a neutral stance on the war, the censorship of anti-war voices within the country make Beijing’s Russian leaning clear. ..

Jude Blanchette, an expert on Chinese politics at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, said China’s support for Moscow was “on the verge of explicit”.

Here’s an eye-opening video about Chinese in Ukraine, and China’s nationalistic attitude:

It shows what Chinese citizens were told to think before the Ukraine invasion. Watch how the CCP scrambles when Putin fails to score a quick knockout blow.

hat-tip Kaimu, Stephen Neil