If they are are our cousins, why are we shooting them?

If they are are our cousins, why are we shooting them? By Steve Sailer.

One possibility is that Russian conscripts haven’t been all that enthusiastic about slaughtering their Ukrainian cousins. …

Acccording to Putin, Ukrainians aren’t The Other, they are Us Russians. That’s a great rationale for motivating the troops if cheering crowds welcome them as liberators. But if the locals, who are basically us, shoot back, well, maybe it’s hard to avoid an agonizing reappraisal. …

More generally, European young men haven’t shown all that much inclination for modern warfare in reality rather than Modern Warfare on their videogame consoles. The firepower is now so great that few want to fight a pitched battle, the way you could get American farmboys to fight so bravely with muskets at Gettysburg.

For example, although the 1990s wars in ex-Yugoslavia were often portrayed as ancient tribal hatreds running amok, in truth, there was an immense amount of draft-dodging on all sides. So, the politicians, finding it difficult to conscript large numbers of average young men, turned to self-selected groups of men who liked violence: prison gangs, soccer hooligans, motorcycle gangs, and organized criminals. They were told they could bully civilians of opposite ethnicity and keep what they could steal. That helps explain the poor character of the ex-Yugoslav wars.

Was the rape of the Ukraine really necessary?